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Our New Head Coach

Knight of God

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The last week or so has been a buzz with topics about Spagnuolo, both for and against and then Ryan, Singletary , and Frazier. We get a coach who has the years (26yrs to Spag's 20), a defensive scheme that is proven (like Rex Ryan), an ex-linebacker and someone players like to play for because he's involved in the training (like Singletary), and had a relentless defense that gave offenses fits (like Frazier). This guy is like a Frakensteins monster of what we all wanted in many ways and now you guys act as though the team has just gone down the toilet. I was hoping for Rex Ryan or Mike Singletary myself, but maybe this Mike Smith can bring something that we haven't had yet. Plus, from what I've seen of most DC's that become HC's they tend to build defenses and lines in the draft and FA and go after RB's and such to build the run. Maybe I'm wrong and Smith is the type to take what he is given and works with it. All in all he's just as qualified as Spags and is just as creative as Ryan, so what's really wrong?

Is his name not cool enough for you?

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