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Senior Bowl

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i watched the senior bowl practices earlier today and here is the update and a list of impressive players from today's practices. the south team shows today at 4:30 on the nfl network and a recap of the whole day will be shown at 8.

Trevor Laws was probably the most impressive player of the day. he plays DE for Notre Dame but can also play DT(he played DT when he was a junior). The kid was a beast in practice all day and beat up the opposing olineman. he excelled in all drills which included 9 on 7, oline on dline drills, and generating a pass rush.

Joe Flacco he just like Colt Brennan had to work on a lot of his drop step today because he had run so many shotgun plays in college. he did throw a couple of bad balls, but a lot of his passes were right on the money. i think he would be a great aquisition to the falcons. he has a cannon for an arm and looked pretty accurate.

Chad Henne and John David Booty they both looked very good like normal. henne showed of a lot of his cannon arm and surprised me with a lot of great accurate passes too. booty looked good and escaped from the pocket. im sure everyone knows he is not a scrambler but he was mobile on some plays. he showed great accuracy also.

Carl Nicks the LT from Nebraska was a beast today. He is 6 5 330 lbs. sam baker (OT 6 5 314) also looked good but a downside w/ him is that he has short arms. Lavelle Hawkins (WR) is not the tallest person on the feild at 5 11 but he did make a lot of impressive catches today.

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