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drneckbone (1/23/2008)
Here is the Link


I would not mind seeing DeCamillis back with the special teams

Tice or Campo may not be bad choices either both have previous HC experience.

Good for guidance

How about Ray Hamilton the D-line coach? I don't think he could make a lateral move to be our d-line coach unless he was tagged "assistant head coach". This guy has coached d-line 6 different NFL teams and played d-line in the NFL. He would probably be a solid addition too.

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boss hogg (1/23/2008)
FalconMama (1/23/2008)
Joe D said he's NOT coming back to Atlanta and Mike Tice said he's not coming either.

Did they tell you this over dinner? On the golf course? Link?

I already posted a link to the story.... It should still be on the first or 2nd page.

Or if you dont feel like searching check the AJC it's Ledbetters artcle

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Alvin Reynolds has a pretty decent resume. They have a good bit of talent in the secondary over in Jacksonville which would the main reason for their success, but he has a good resume.

He has worked under Wade Phillips, Mike Shanahan, Seifert, Del Rio, and John Fox. He has over 10 years NFL experience, mostly with defensive backs.

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drneckbone (1/23/2008)
Please No Mike Shula as OC

He is best served being a QB Coach

Living in Birmingham I watched the guy week in and week out and though I am not a Bama fan I thought he was terrible choice for HC.

He could not even get a group of college kids to buy into what he wanted to do.

You must not have made it over to T-Town to any games the season before his last when they went 10-2 with a banged up limited team. They bought in alright , they just ran out of players. I am not saying he is greatest but the guy will be a good O coordinator somewhere in the near future IMO.

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