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Watch what Wiley said about Smith ...

Tandy Gossett

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Think about it...

Wiley was a Jag for only two years.

Smith was a Jags coach/DC for six years.

The Jags defense got better after Wiley was cut and most likely he was cut by Smith.

Now who're you gonna believe? The other current Jax players and coaches or just him? Just because he's mouthing off the loudest doesn't make him an expert.

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McNasty_Bird (1/23/2008)

See what the Jag fans think about his comments.

I really liked this one:

"Wiley's not really offering anything groud breaking with his opinion. There are a lot of people that felt that Mike Smith wasn't anything more than the curator and that it was Jack's defense. That's proabably a big reason why he took this long to even get a look for a head coaching position.

However, it was what Smith was able to convey about his philosophy as a potential head coach that won him the job. He won over the new GM up there and basically did what Del Rio did when he was interviewed here back in 2003.

Smith is a smart football mind, and he's got a track record that includes more than just the Jaguars gig. While it may have been Jack's defense that he was implementing, it was still his responsibility to make it work with the rotation of parts that he had to deal with because of injuries and such. It's not like he sat back and just let Jack call the shots while he sucked his thumb."

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