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He is likely going to hire someone he knows, that's my guess. Some of these names may be floating around, some may not.

Offensive Coordinator

Mike Shula: Didn't pan out as a HC in college but has 19 years experience and is the current QB coach in Jacksonville. Offensive coordinator would be a promotion.

Brian Billick: What else is going to do? He isn't getting a head coaching job. He could go into broadcasting. If he wants to coach, offensive coordinator is the best he can hope for. I would prefer Billick over anyone out there. They are related by marriage, but that doesn't mean they are close.

Mike Tice: Current TE coach in Jacksonville. Has the experience and resume to justify being given the OC job.

Defensive Coordinator

Dave Campo: Former DC and HC. Currently secondary coach for Jacksonville.

Alvin Reynolds: Currently Defensive Backs Coach in Jacksonville. They tend to get alot of INTS and he has been working under Smith for awhile.

We obviously aren't going to purge the Jacksonville coaching staff, but I expect Reynolds or Campo, likely Campo, to get the DC job in Jacksonville. The other could be our front runner.

To me, Billick makes the most sense as OC with his experience. It mostly depends on Smith's and Billick's relationship and if Billick is willing to be an OC after he was a SuperBowl winning HC.

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Billick was supposed to be an offensive minded head coach. They only won because of their defense. I think hiring him as an OC would be at the very least, risky as ****. He couldn't develop a QB in the entire time he was in Baltimore. Last I checked, we have a bit of an issue at QB.

Don't like the Billick for O.C. Some of the others might be good hires.

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BigSlick (1/23/2008)
chronob (1/23/2008)

Brian Billick? A failure.

Since when is winning a superbowl failing?

I'd hardly call Billick the reason they won that Superbowl. He deserved to get fired by the Ravens. It wasn't some decision out of left field. When the head coach has less pull than a player, that equals "failure".
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