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I find it funny with all the talks on this board about racism and black people making a big deal about everything being racist that there aren't more comments about this...

I admit that sometimes things are blown out of proportion, but the general attitude of this individual is probably the same one shared by his circle of friends and family...

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Eddie Jewell (1/23/2008)
I am not surprised by this. Why should any of you? Typical of that type of person, or that type of group.

I'm nowhere near surprized at all...

I just figured with all the people in this forum so willing to shout "you're playing the race card" bit that a few of them might be willing to address this footage...

Clearly, race played a factor in his comments, but some people would have you believe that all black people cling to victimhood and just like to blame whitey...

Now, do I believe people like that exist? Yes, but realize there are STILL legitimate claims to racism in 2008...

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