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Bozo tips his hat (if he had one) to Dimitroff.

All 4 of his finalists are quality coaches. No one has a crystal ball to see into the future whether or not the chosen man will be successful. One common thread among these 4 is that they are all defensive minded guys. After Quitterino, I think we've had our fill of 'Offensive Geniuses'. IMO, a Defensive guy is what ATL needs. Of course the Offense must be addressed:

The O line needs help.

Chris Redman is the best QB on the staff.

We need another RB to compliment Norwood.

These are things that will be addressed and fixed through the draft and FA signings. I don't look for an overnight transformation, but it should happen fairly quickly. The Falcons do have some talent on their roster. Contrary to some here, I do believe that Offense sells tickets and Defense wins championships.

So, if it's Smith, or one of the other 3, I think that TD is on the right track. Just one clown's opinion :P

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