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A coaching staff must give their team a competitive advantage to be worth anything. This is done through game planning, scheme, leadership, and teaching. The greatest leader in the world is useless if they can't scheme and gameplan. The new Falcons head coach must offer us an Xs and Os advantage over our opponents. Obviously coordinators play a big role in this. Don't be suprised if the deciding factor for these defensive minded head coaches is actually who they will be bringing with them as OC.

The best Coordinators often get hired away to be HC somewhere else. That's why an ideal HC has the ability to at least be directly responsible for providing the competitive advantage on one side of the ball. I believe that Blank and company have come to the realization that our strength lies on defense, and so our new OC will be safe for at least a few years, while losing our new DC won't hurt since our HC is really responsible fort the D.

Bottom line: Don't fall in love with these anti-Petrino candidates. Leadership is critical, but the leader must still be able to out-plan and out-scheme the competition.

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