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Mock draft


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ok this has to be the most realistic draft so far...

1. Sedrick Ellis DT- we need a pash ruch and this guy has it all... not much talent after dorsey and ellis so this here will be it

2.Chris Williams OT- yea i think we will definitly need a OT in this draft

2. Chad Henne QB-has it all and i think he will a tremendous QB...maybe a Tom Brady?

3. Brandon Albert OG- we need a back up and may become our next OG

4.Donnie Avery WR- great reciever great hands...and our new returner!!!

5.Matt Forte RB- he can pound the ball and thats what we need..also has good hands

6.Brandon Coutu K- outstanding kicker and thats what we need

7.Matt Flynn QB- NC, great backup as with JaMarcus

7. Zachary Bowman CB- good speed great bulk and i think will be a great nickel CB

hope u loved it...

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Guest Libid21

That's not a bad mock draft at all. The only thing I don't like about it is Coutu being drafted instead of Carmody. Did you think Carmody would already be drafted or would you of rather have drafted Coutu? I think Carmody's the more consistent kicker than Coutu is, and that is the kind of kicker we will need in the future. Also, I'd rather have Erik Ainge or Joe Flacco in the second round. Nothing impresses me at all with Henne.

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