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Who's Your Favorite Goat?


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Since this is a bit of a slow period for the MB, I am curious...

Every franchise has its Bill "Bleeping" Buckner. Who is your favorite guy to yell about?

Eugene "I've got some hookers in my room" Robinson?

Good ol' Skillethands?

Ed Hurtwell?

TJ "Hits the hole like a Kleenex" Duckett?

Maybe somebody from the old days?

There's plenty of shame to go around, lets hear about it!

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j105 (1/22/2008)
Rich Mckay? Does he count?

Sure, but you have to come up with a humorous nickname for him...

maybe, Rich "That offseason surgery couldn't have hurt his performance much" McKay

or, Rich "A cornerback who is slow and clumsy can still contribute" McKay

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It's hard to say Vick b/c he basically tore down what he built up. Eugene Robinson definitely made us look bad, but we weren't going to beat Denver anyway. So I'll say Jeff George, only on the basis that I actually owned his jersey and he made me look bad.

Although, living in Indy, I've taken more crap for being a falcon's fan b/c of Vick.

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