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The value of having Tivo and the NFL Network with Senior bowl Practices


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This dudes a BEAST!!! Did you see him RIP those OL? Can you say INSTANT DEFENSE TOP 10?

They were asking him "why are you playing when your already a top 10 pick?" He said, "Are you kidding? This is the best of the best in College, I have to be here!!!"

If we have a CHANCE to pick him ... DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd pull that draft pick on him faster than I'd hit a lever on a slot machine in Las Vegas.


Sorry Matt Ryan, Jake Long .. you don't even compare.

I looked at the tapes of the practices at the Senior bowl in "leading up to the senior bowl". He did an under arm rip, then he just used his power on the next guy and THREW him to the ground. THEN he flanks out the CENTER AND GUARD and THEN litterally is so FAST he also beats a TE blocking in the back field to get the Qb.

AWESOMENESS!!! How awesome would it be to have that SIZE, QUICKNESS, POWER and MOTOR. Patrick Kerney, eat your heart out.

SAPP 2.0 ... Definately.

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Gimmesomo (1/22/2008)
Honestly, Sedrick Ellis reminds me of one Mr. Patrick Willis last year....an unbelievable athlete, instant playmaker, dedicated to greatness, loves the game, etc. And guess what: we didn't get 'em....Let's pray we don't make the same mistake twice uh?

Yeah, honestly, I think we don't want to win. We'll just keep picking up projects like Anderson or going with "money" generating picks instead of drafting REAL talent.

Who needs an instant 10 year starter and Pro-bowler? We are going to Whiff this pick, I can feel it in my bones. That or either he's going to continue to dominate and will be picked up before we pick.

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