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Philip Wheeler, Middle Linebacker, GT

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He was impressive yesterday at practices, not only because he weighed in heavier than expected.

"Sans pads there wasn t any real tackling but the hit of the day nonetheless came courtesy of Georgia Tech LB Phillip Wheeler who lowered a shoulder into and deposited Kentucky RB Rafael Little on his posterior."

"Notes: Large and was bigger than expected."

"Georgia Tech linebacker Phillip Wheeler was active and downright mean, working extensively with Hall of Famer Mike Singletary."

He seems to be making his case to improve his stock. He's got the "wheels" to be a rangy linebacker with long arms and toughness. He can come in to replace Brooking (eventually) and we'd go from one great Georgia Tech linebacker to another. Also, Gary Guyton is apparently going to be joining the group...I've seen Tech play a lot and this guy has SERIOUS speed for a guy his size.

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Draftnut57 (1/22/2008)
Yeah , I know about him me being a GT fan . The problem with that is I don't believe in taking a LBer with our top 3 rounds . That has been proven many times just like us getting Boley in the 5th round, we need to use our top 32 rounds for DT , OT , RB and a QB.

Maybe so, but we can't expect to land a player of Boley's caliber again. I will say that Jerod Mayo is very impressive, and would be a really good value pick with our other 2nd-rounder IMO.

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this game and the combine are only going to help Wheeler's stock go up. He is a tremendous player, with the ability to always land the big hit. for the most post he is a sure tackler also.

He will need to work on his pass coverage skills, as he was mainly a blitzing LB. Tenuta's defense put much much more emphasis on blitzing and getting to the qb than it did on coverage. i think he will end up being drafted anywhere in the middle to early 2nd.

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i've always had a liking towards wheeler cuz i'm a tech fan (DAWGS SUCK), but i've always felt he was an outside linebacker.

he's crazy quick and agile, but it looks like he wants to play mlb in tha pros cuz he's put on a good amount of weight.

im not sure if I wanna bite on him being a mlb just yet. but with singletary coaching him at tha senior bowl, who knows. still think he'd fit better on tha outside cuz he's great with blitzes.

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