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Which Characterization Is More Fair?


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Steve_Bartkowski (1/22/2008)
Richard Nixon (1/22/2008)
Obama is not a true, full-blooded, self-declared socialist with every intention of turning the U.S. into a socialist nation. Huckabee has done everything short of declare that he will burn athiests at the stake.

But which would have the power to accomplish their goals?

With a democratic congress, Obama could actually get a lot of wealth redistribution and socialist like bills passed. Huckabee couldn't turn this nation into a theocracy because the constitution does not allow it and he would never get the support for any constitutional amendments.

In my opinion, prior to the SC primary, Huckabee went a little too far trying to pander for the religious vote and it hurt him. Pandering is all it was though because in reality he wouldn't have the power to do a lot of things that he said. Regardless of that, I still think Huckabee is one of the best candidates there is just based on his platform (ie...where he stands on the core issues).

Of course, you have evidence that Obama is a socialist?

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Steve_Bartkowski (1/22/2008)
rsa linkster (1/22/2008)

Of course, you have evidence that Obama is a socialist?

Do we need another thread on this?

I have evidence that he supports socialist like policies like redistribution of wealth and government healthcare. I also have evidence that he attended socialist conventions in the 80's.

Actually, why don't you finish the discussion in that other thread. Namely, you accuse Obama of being a "socialist" because he would not end funding for welfare programs, which you consider to be "redistributionist".

Well guess what? Mike Huckabee is a socialist because he supports higher welfare funding:

* First Amendment never intended to shut out voices of faith. (Jan 2007)

* Supports Charitable Choice for funding faith-based providers. (Dec 2006)

* Maintain TANF block grants. (Apr 2000)

* Maintain federal Social Services Block Grant funding. (Sep 2001)

* Maintain flexibility & funding levels for TANF block grants. (Sep 2001)

* More federal funding for Low-income energy assistance. (Sep 2001)

* Supports TANF grants to states. (Aug 2001)


Doesn't look like he's for eliminating funding for welfare. He actually signed a resolution by the Southern Governor's association that asked for MORE money for needy families:

"Resolved, that the Southern Governors Association urges Congress and the President to provide in any national energy policy increased funding for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) to include a larger proportion of eligible low-income households while equitably addressing both cooling and heating needs."

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As evidenced in the 99 other threads/posts referring to all Dems as "socialists", everyone here does not agree on one concrete definition of the term. Going with a definition which does not allow for capitalism, I don't believe that is Obama's intent. Some of his ideas on taxation make me a bit uncomfortable, but overall, he seems more interested in *empowering* Americans, not sweeping economic equalization.

Huckabee on the other hand, is a theocrat in the truest sense. He wants the nation to be guided solely by a Christian value system. Whether or not he's simply been overenthusiastic, he seems to honestly believe all Americans should be held to his (professed, not actual) moral standard. As to his ability to accomplish this, the poll didn't ask whether it's possible, but for a characterization of the candidate himself.

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