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Which Scenario Looks Best...

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If it was Chris Long in #2, I would take that for sure. If it's take Long, the amazing run-blocking left tackle, it would be a waste. McFadden in the first, offensive tackle and quarterback in the second sounds best to me, I like Woodson but I don't think we can afford to give up one of our second rounders to move up.

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BigSlick (1/21/2008)
Any combination that has Jake Long in it is the best.

I went with option two...I know a few things

I don't want to draft a first round QB...mainly b/c the success rate for them is pretty bad...I wouldn't mind snagging a QB in the second round though

I think Jake Long, Dorsey, and Mcfadden are beasts...so if we get a top 3 pick...I'd love either one of these players...probably in that order as well

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