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My first mock...

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The Draft:

1) Sedrick Ellis - DT - This one pick increasingly makes our inner D-line better. He will sure up his DT spot for years to come.

2A)Anthony Collins - OT - Our LT of the future. Some may say this is a reach, but after the combine if he does what I know what he's capable of doing, we'll be in good position to get him.

2B)Tavares Gooden - MLB - Yes. I haven't seen his name in anybody's mock yet (sorry if somebody had him, and I missed it), but to me, he will be a solid force in the middle for years to come. Miami constantly puts out good linebackers, and this will just be another name to that list. Again, many would consider him a third round prospect, but after the combine I suspect he will go right in this range.

3A)Kevin Smith - RB - RB of the future hopefully. I feel he has all the tools to be a tremendous RB in the NFL. Once again, some may say reach, but I feel we will be right about value for this pick. However, there is always a chance this may be a little reach.

Here is where it gets a bit different in my mock. I'm not sure if we are getting a 3rd round pick for Kerney, or a 4th. So here it is, if we have a third:

3B)Eric Young - OG - This guy is probably a first round talent, but since he was injured he falls right into our laps with this pick. He can sit behind Clabo for a year and in time will be our future at RG.

Now, if we get a fourth for Kerney:

4B)Marcus Harrison - DT - Another DT? Yes. He should be a pretty good DT in the league. With this pick, it allows us to cut Coleman giving us more cap space, and also, we get a younger and healthier DT to rotate in.

Back to the picks that are for sure.

4A)Robert Felton - OG - A very good RG, who paved the way for Mcfadden in Arkansas. He hopefully will be our future there after backing up clabo for a year or so.

5) Kevin O'Connell or Paul Smith - QB - I couldn't choose between the two. They both have their ups and downs. However, they both have cannon arms and good mechanics to work with. Hopefully after backing up Redman for a few years, one of these two (whichever we choose) will be our QB. If they don't work out, it was only a fifth round pick used.

6) Adamm Oliver - DE - I, being a tech fan, enjoyed watching this high motored DE show that he deserves a shot in the Pros. He hopefully will provide solid depth on our D-Line. If he does not work out, it was only a 6th rounder used.

7A) Alexis Serna - K - Finally, the kicker we've been waiting for. He is a bit undersized, but he's a kicker so who cares? His leg has NFL calibur power and accuracy.

7B) Brian Witherspoon - CB - I wasn't sure who to pick here, and I saw a lot of people had him, and with his speed, why not take a flyer? Nothing wrong with CB depth either, especially with the chance of becoming our future PR/KR.


1)Sedrick Ellis - DT

2)Anthony Collins - OT

2)Tavares Gooden - MLB

3)Kevin Smith - RB

3/4)Eric Young / Robert Felton- OG

4)Marcus Harrison - DT

5)Paul Smith / Kevin O'Connell - QB

6)Adamm Oliver - DE

7)Alexis Serna - K

7)Brian Witherspoon - CB



Wayne Gandy - OT

Quinn Ojinaka - OT

Byron Leftwhich - QB

Omare Lowe - S

Lewis Sanders - CB

Finneran - WR

Rod Coleman - DT

Joey Harrington - QB

Kynan Forney - OG


Tyson Clabo - OG

Chauncey Davis - DE

Michael Boley - OLB

Deangelo Hall - CB

Chris Redman - QB

Demo Williams - OLB - Hopefully we can get a 1 year deal or so. If not then, we'll just cut him next season.


Keith Brooking - ILB/OLB

Warrick Dunn - RB - Give him a one year contract to teach Kevin Smith the ropes. I think with a better O-line he still has one good year left in him.

FA Signings:

Nat Dorsey - OT - He will backup Renardo Foster at RT who I hope will turn out into a solid RT.

Jerome Mathis - KR - He can do this for sure, and hopefully will show the ropes to young Witherspoon.

Gary Guyton - LB - Special teamer, LB depth.

Depth Chart:


QB: Redman, O'Connell / Smith, Shockley

RB: Dunn, Smith, Norwood

FB: Mughelli

WRX:White, Jenkins, Jennings

WRz:Robinson, Mathis

TE:Crumpler, Blakely, Milner

LT:Weiner/Collins - Split playing time so we don't just feed Collins to the wolves. Weiner is cut next season.

LG:Blalock, Batiste

OC:Mcclure, Datish

RG:Clabo, Young/Felton

RT:Foster, Dorsey


LDE:Anderson, Oliver

NT:Lewis, Harrison, Stanley (Maybe put him on P/S)

UT:Ellis, Babineaux

RDE:Abraham, Davis


MLB:Gooden/Brooking, Taylor

BLB:Boley, Guyton

LCB:Hall, Irons

RCB:Houston, Grimes, Witherspoon

SS:Milloy, Stone








Sorry if I somehow left somebody off this list that I should have put somewhere. All feedback is welcome, so don't hold back!:hehe:

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atlanta_dude (1/21/2008)
The Draft:


1)Sedrick Ellis - DT

2)Anthony Collins - OT

2)Tavares Gooden - MLB

3)Kevin Smith - RB

3/4)Eric Young / Robert Felton- OG

4)Marcus Harrison - DT

5)Paul Smith / Kevin O'Connell - QB

6)Adamm Oliver - DE

7)Alexis Serna - K

7)Brian Witherspoon - CB

Your draft is okay, I like some of the players but you have a lot of them over-drafted. I don't want to wait until the 5th to get a QB though. If we're going to develop a guy I would rather it be Johnson with our 3rd. I also highly doubt we'll wait to the 5th to get one. I also doubt we'll reach for guys like you have us doing. I love Collins, but he could probably be had with our 2nd 2nd. I don't like Gooden, he doesn't produce enough on the field. But he could probably be had with our 3rd, or our 3b even. I would rather get Lofton, Mayo, or even Goff as MLBs with the 2nd. And Smith will probably be there with our 3b.

If you want those players, I would go with:

1- Ellis

2- QB

2- Collins

3- Gooden

3 (comp)- Smith

4- Felton

And if you're putting Harrison as NT, I would rather wait for Frank Morton in the 5th. Guys huge, but he still gets sacks.

And your offseason is okay, I think we will be more active in FAcy though.

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