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NFLDraftScout has this WR ranked as a 4th Rounder.

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LAVELLE HAWKINS has improved every season as a Golden Bear, and he was absolutely electrifying this season. He has speed, hands, and body control. He saw his stock drop a little bit after tailing off the last few games, but he still made some crucial 3rd down catches. This is a good thing for someone looking for a WR in the mid-rounds.

Let's not kid ourselves. Atlanta is bringing in a rookie QB and will look to re-build and re-design an offense around this guy, whomever it is. Obviously, it starts with the line, which is priority number 1. However, after drafting lineman, TD should still look for play-making weapons to add to this offense. I like White and Robinson, but beyond that, there is no one reliable on the team. TD will need to continue to add guys to grow with the QB at TE, RB, and WR, if the offense is to be explosive and DEEP in a couple of years. Hawkins in the 4th would be an absolute steal... I didn't realize he was rated that low.

DeSean Jackson is listed as a first rounder, but it is possible that Hawkins could end up the better receiver. I'm not saying it will, but the possibility is not lost on me. Laverneous Coles turned out better than Peter Warrick. Reggie Wayne has been better than Santana Moss. I think you'll see Steve Smith (NYG version) turn out to be a better pro than Dwayne Jarrett. Anthony Gonzalez has a shot to be a better WR than Ted Ginn, although it's up in the air. Again, I'm not saying it will, but it is possible.

Hawkins can also return kicks, which is a plus, and can allow him to make an immediate impact on special teams.


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