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Burnout Paradise

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I'm usually a fan of simulator-style games, favoring realism over escapism. Its a rare occassion for me to jump on a racing game that is so far into the arcade racing genre that it actually encourages you to crash. Nevertheless I've always been a fan of the Burnout series due to its high production value and due to the fact that it truly embraces it arcadeness rather than pretend to be a stylish simulator (I'm look at YOU, NFS).

Anyhoo, Burnout Paradise comes out tuesday and after playing the demo I'm definitely buying it. The online integration is super smooth, the city is an absolute marvel, and going out in a crashing blaze of glory has never been more fun. Can't wait, and I'll see you guys in Paradise City on tuesday!

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Last night on the demo I jumped on a multiplayer session, this time with the XBL camera hooked up. We busted out into an impromptu unofficial game of "Marked Man" (crash the car who is "it", then whoever got him becomes "it"). Every time someone takes you down it snaps a photo over the camera for you to send to the guy. Its hilarious, and I'll probably get banned for the crap that I'm going to pull over that. :w00t:

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