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A good example of why you do DRAFT a kicker...

Jerry Maguire

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cstyle4200 (1/20/2008)

what?? you do not want a kicker?? dude we need a kicker more than almost any other position. we have been skipping on kicker every year, and if we skip 1 more year we will be feeling the pain. mort cant save us forever. **** he cant save us next year.

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The Cush (1/20/2008)
If the right one is there in the right round. New England has done it before, and it's not lost on Dimitroff.

Tynes may be out of a job next season...

Tynes saved himself with that last kick, but I think its hilarious, they grab feely and he sucked for them, then tynes almost lost it for them., they will still like us be looking for a kicker. Coutu, is not going to be low, we need to snag him. THats one position they need to get and just keep for years like a linemen. ;)

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dizzee rascal (1/20/2008)
Green Bay has a former all-american kicker they drafted in the 6th round. They didn't win the game. maybe a 6th round defensive player would have won them this game.
Yeah the 6th rounder could have a monster game, then the kicker lose it by missing a FG.

If a team is sure about a kicker, there is no reason to not draft him. That's a starter for maybe 10 years on Day 2.

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