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>>What do you guys think so far!!


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So far these are my offseason plans. Draft to come later after I figure out our later/second day picks. What do you guys think?

Off Season Moves:


CB DeAngelo Hall: I don t care how bad you guys think he is or how much you don t like him; he s still arguably the best player we have on defense. There is no reason to get rid of a marquee player and try to find a replacement when there are none. The front office should lock him down for 7 years. 70 tackles, 5 interceptions, 1 forced fumble and removed half the field from the opposing offenses game plan unbelievable.

LB Michael Boley: If we don t resign this guy, I don t know what the front office is thinking. Boley is probably the most underrated linebacker out there who plays like an Urlacher and Lewis. He was the leading tackler for our team (I believe), and had 109 tackles, 3 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions. A must keep and future pro-bowler, and he s only bound to get better at age 25.

DE Chauncey Davis: An underrated DE, Davis has potential to be an invaluable backup and maybe even a starter. Had 30 tackles and 2 sacks and didn t even start. Our d-line gets injured really easily, and John Abraham may go down unexpectedly at any point in the season so we need a viable backup. Davis is one of those guys, and we should definitely resign him. Plus, he s only 24 and has lots of potential.

G Tyson Clabo: We already saw how invaluable and talented he is whenever he came in and subbed in for numerous positions on our injure-ridden o-line. He s one of our rare o-lineman that has the size (6 6 319), the skill, and the versatility. One of the best backups in the league and may even potentially start at guard if Kynan Forney is shown the door. A must resign and he s also young at 26. He should start at our other G position.

LB DeMorrio Williams: While not the best LB out there and still not exactly good enough to start, he s a really good back up and special teams player. He started all 16 games this year and had 78 tackles, 2 interceptions, and several key special team plays including a blocked punt. He s fast and athletic and should be able to start until we find a replacement, that is unless he gets a little bit better.

-Sign/show them the money:

Note: because we are limited in cap room, and I previously proposed that we lock Hall down into a long term deal, we can only afford 1 marquee off season signing.

DT Albert Haynesworth: If the Titans aren t able to hold on to him, Haynesworth should be the number one priority our front office should go after. Haynesworth has been underrated until this year, when the league finally realized how valuable he is on defense. He arguably single-handedly won against us this year and capped the game off with a superman leap over the center. He s the marquee player we should sign in the FA. At 6 6 320 and only starting 12 games, he had 40 tackles and 6 sacks. We desperately need a big body that can take on multiple blockers, and ever since we got rid of Grady Jackson, we have nobody that can fill his role.

LB Karlos Dansby: Our next biggest signing in the FA should be a Dansby who is also an underrated linebacker. Our linebacking crew has two weaknesses, Brooking and Williams. Part of the reason that they did bad this year could be the fact that we didn t have a big body to take on blocks, but either way, we need somebody that can strengthen our LB crew. Williams, while is getting better still isn t starter caliber (but he s close to it) and Brooking looks like he has lost a step. Dansby would easily strengthen our defense and has the size, youth, and talent to succeed and be a future pro-bowler. Awesome stats while playing in only 14 games: 97 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 3 interceptions. With Dansby on one side, Boley on the other side, and Brooking in the middle, our linebackers would probably be one of the best there is up there with the Seahawks and Bears. He should be a mid-ranged signing because he s underrated and not a big name.

T Max Starks: We desperately need depth for our OT position because of the constant injuries and overall lack of talent. I ve heard, but don t take my word for it, that Starks, like Faneca wants out from the Steelers. This is our chance to sign him and greatly improve our offensive line. Has great size (6 8 337), is young and talented. Only thing to watch out for is how he recovers from his injury. Should be a low to mid-ranged signing.

T Cory Lekkerkerker: Like Starks, we need some more OTs to replace the ones we will release (shown below) and to be backup in case of injury. Lekkerkerker has the size (6 7 323) and talent to take this role. He s just one of the names that I thought of, who can add depth to our o-line. Low budget signing.


Why not sign Alan Faneca?

I thought about him, but remember, we only have enough cap space to sign one big name player, and in this case, it s either Faneca or Haynesworth. While Faneca would instantly help our line out, G isn t the position we need. Blalock has shown that he can be starter, and Clabo hopefully can start on the other side. Faneca also is 31, and while age isn t that big of a deal on o-line, Clabo is only 26. However, if we aren t able to sign Haynesworth, and Clabo hasn t shown that he can start, Faneca should be a player we look into.

How about Michael Turner?

Turner is a pretty darn good back and hasn t gotten the stardom because of Tomlinson, but we don t need him. Why? Well for three reasons. First, I m pretty sure Turner will ask for top tier money, and we just don t have the cap space for that. Haynesworth should be our number one priority and Turner just isn t worth top money when he will most definitely be sharing the load with Norwood. And speaking of Norwood, remember him? I know Petrino never used him, but Norwood has potential to be our number 1 back. And finally, the draft this year is deep. We can easily draft a back in the second, maybe even third round, and have him play the same role as Turner, but for less money.

Nnamdi Asomugha?

Like the reasons above, we just don t have the money to sign two big players from the FA. While Asomugha is one of the best, I doubt the Raiders would let him go. Furthermore, we already have DeAngelo Hall, and Houston should be getting better and better so that he can effectively cover his side.

Asante Samuel?

Same problem with the cap space. Now, I know a lot of you guys are thinking, let s get rid of Hall, and sign Samuel. Well, it s not that easy. First, I don t think the Patriots will let him go, and second, what makes you think he d want to play for the Falcons. I m sure there are a plenty of playoff caliber teams out there, which he would rather play for. Plus, it s just plain stupid to replace a similarly talented player at one position for another player of the same position. It s like the Jaguars release John Henderson to sign Albert Hayensworth. Or the Cowboys release Terrell Owens to sign Andre Johnson it s just not worth it.

Lets trade for Jonathan Vilma!

Also cap space problems. Vilma would also improve our LB but the problem is, he is just coming off of a huge injury. We still don t know how he ll adjust, but flashbacks to Hurtwell doesn t bring back good memories. Vilma is also small for a MLB and won t be able to perform well if we don t have big bodies like Haynesworth up front to take on blocks. He s physically talented and can cover the entire field, but is bad at block shedding. We need good DTs before we can get him. Plus we'd probably be giving up a 2nd rounder for him.

-The No Namers and everbody else!

Note: Clean up time! I checked out the roster and saw a lot of players that I ve never even heard of. Time to make room for future talent!

WR Jamin Elliot: Say who? Never heard of this guy. Probably didn t even play a snap. Small, (5 11), slow, and obviously didn t do anything for us this season. Oh, and he s 28.

Verdict: released/traded

WR Brian Finneran: We appreciate all the things you have done for our team in the past, but sitting in the hospital year after year doesn t help a team win a championship. I like you as a person and a player (before), but you re getting old and we got Roddy White now.

Verdict: released/traded

T Wayne Gandy: Wow, I don t know why you are still playing football at age 36. Probably our worst starting o-lineman this year, and you know how to get injured. And, a black hole where all our money goes to.

Verdict: retired

FB Cory McIntyre: A special teams outstanding. One of the rare bright spots on our team and good back up to big Ovie. Had 14 tackles and this guy plays offense!

Verdict: kept

WR Adam Jennings: Dude, this guy is in his second year, and he already has an NFL record. Record for lowest KR/PR yards. But sorry, the Falcons don t merit the losers, and at 5 9, 176, slow, and unshifty, we don t need you on our team anymore.

Verdict: released/traded

T Quinn Ojinnaka: A younger version of Wayne Gandy. Same size, same weight, and same lack of talent. Eats money also.

Verdict: released/traded

T Ronardo Foster: Hey can you believe it? Bobby Petrino actually did something good for the team by bringing this guy in from Louisville. Has the size (6 7 326), talent, youth, and skill to be a good backup for this team. Probably one of our best OT on the team until he got injured, and he s only a rookie.

Verdict: must keep

DL Tim Anderson: There s nothing going against you, but there s also nothing going for you. Didn t really do much but didn t really get a chance. Brought in at the last moment to fill in for the injuries. Plays DT I believe, but seems like another 1 gap lineman.

Verdict: release/trade

C Doug Datish: Didn t play much, but invaluable back up. Maybe even starter over Todd McClure?

Verdict: stays

OL D Anthony Batiste: In about 4 games at guard, you probably allowed more than 4 sacks. Another no use linemen.

Verdict: gone

RB Artose Pinner: Didn t get to see you run much except for that one trick play on special teams against the Titans. We will probably draft a back this year, and we already have McIntyre and Snelling backing up respective RB positions. Plus, you are kind of old at 29.

Verdict: release/traded

TE Dwayne Blakley: Not too bad, not too good. We aren t drafting a TE this year, and we aren t signing one from the FA.

Verdict: stays

TE Martrez Milner: Same reason as Blakley. Too bad you got injured this year. Seems to have potential and was a good draft pick this year.

Verdict: stays

TE Courtney Anderson: Came in during the latter part of the year and didn t get to play much. Has great size though (6 6 270) and is perfect for goaline/redzone situations. Was pretty productive for the Raiders.

Verdict: stays

DB Omare Lowe: Don t you play like baseball or something? Never heard of you before. Doesn t have great stats in his prior years as a Falcon and didn t do anything for us this year. A doctor s best friend.

Verdict: released/traded

DE Kevin Huntley: Ok, I m big on big defensive ends, and Huntley is one of them. Another player who came in near the end of the season and didn t get to do much. Judging by how bad our line is and how easily our d-line is injured we need more depth. Can come in to give our starters breaks and the only other DE we have backing up our starters. 6 7 280 and 25 years old and has potential. Last year only played 6 games with the Raiders and never started but had 10 tackles and 2.5 sacks.

Verdict: stays.

G Kynan Forney: Yeah yeah, he s not a no namer but he got benched this year? Was it because Petrino doesn t know how to coach or was it because Forney wasn t good enough? Forney is one of our better o-lineman, but he s also not the power o-lineman we want and more of a cut blocker. I personally think he should stay because he s pretty darn good, but Clabo has potential to usurp him.

Verdict: up to our new coach to decide.

S Daren Stone: Young and has potential. Has great size for a safety and one of our better backups. Played pretty well when given the chance. Only a rookie.

Verdict: stays

CB Antoine Harris: Another rare bright spot in the Petrino regime, Harris is a special teams outstanding. Good back up for our secondary and great special teams tackler. Played 13 games, had 15 tackles and 1 forced fumble.

Verdict: stays

Rest of the pack:

-Need more evaluation:

OL Harvey Dahl, DT Jesse Mahelona, OL Terrance Pennington, LB Marcus Wilkins,

-Up to the coach and front office: (depending on cap penalties, fit for the team)

K Morten Anderson, QB Byron Leftwich*, QB Joey Harrington*

*personally I don t want to see Leftwich or Harrington wearing a Falcons jersey anymore

Note: If I didn t mention you in this section, then you are staying on the team!

Draft to come next!

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Good post. In my opinion, if we only have room to sign one big name, it should be Michael Turner. That kid is going to be something, we havent seen anything yet cause he is behind LT, sometimes they split though. If we release Hall, maybe TD can bring in Samuel for less cash. I'd like to keep Hall and Boley and definitely sign Turner. The rest, I'm undecided.

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I think we need to release either Dunn or Brooking.

I tend to think Dunn, since his position is such a glaring need at this point, and the draft and FA seems to be able to address our need. Brooking..Maybe.

I wouldn't be that distraught it we released both. Don't get me wrong, both have been great players for us in the past. But we are rebuilding, and we are paying them a lot of money.

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crap, i just noticed i missed some guys, oh well, i'll revise it later.

stoned_jc7 (1/20/2008)

I think we need to release either Dunn or Brooking.

I tend to think Dunn, since his position is such a glaring need at this point, and the draft and FA seems to be able to address our need. Brooking..Maybe.

I wouldn't be that distraught it we released both. Don't get me wrong, both have been great players for us in the past. But we are rebuilding, and we are paying them a lot of money.

Yeah, I have the same feelings for Dunn and Brooking but ultimately that's up to the front office. both have been great to the community and its more about public relations than about how good they are. (dunn HoF? Brooking, retire as a falcon? stuff like that) I can't decide on that one because I don't work for the Falcons

cstyle4200 (1/20/2008)

I warned you, serious read. haha

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