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Atl_Takeover NFL Draft Sleeper Pick

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We all know that the RB posistion is one of strongest if not the best class in this year draft but its one guy who ive been watching for awhile and might be one of the steals of the draft.Most scouts are questioning his 40 Time which I think is okay for a 6-2 222 pound RB.

Matt Forte RB,Tulane

Height: 6-2

Weight: 222


NFL Comparisons:Dorsey Levens

Key Stat Line:16Car-73Yds Against LSU

YouTube Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bbaIF22NGQ

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I know the sexy pick is for us to get McFadden with our 1st round pick and I was one of those guys screaming for us to get McFadden also but what made me change my mind was the amount of money that McFadden is going to demand will be ridiculus why spend so much money. I change my pick to Jake Long or Ryan Clady.

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Gimmesomo (1/20/2008)
Either Matt Forte, Cory Boyd or Ellis Ben-Jarvis are the top late back choices...

Those guys are my top "Big" backs as well. I'm not sure about them all being considered late. I really think Boyd could move up if he runs well. However, that could be said for all of them. If they all run in the 4.50 to 4.55 range I think they are off the board at the end of round 4. I really want to see what their true speed is. Besides Mendenhall or Stewart, they would fit what we need here in ATL.

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scott24falcs (1/21/2008)
MidWest Falcon (1/20/2008)
In a mock I did a few days ago I had Forte going in the 3rd. I hope his 40 time does make him drop so that we can get him in the later rounds ;)

Wow, who is that first chick on the left in your sig?

i think the chick in the middle is the same one as the gurl on the left............or they might be twins.........or cousins?

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