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Rex Ryan


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Rex Ryan has just completed his 20th year as a coach. He has coached in the college level, and the pro level. In the college level, he coached at Deffensive Ends Coach, and as a deffensive Coordinator. In the pro level, he has coached as a Linebackers Coach, as Deffensive Lines Coach, and as a Deffensive Coordinator.

The places that he has coached, and the positions that he coached, at those places are:


Eastern Kentucky: Deffensive Ends Coach

New Mexico: Deffensive Coordinator

Moorhead State: Deffensive Coordinator

University of Cincinnati: Deffensive Coordinator

University of Oklahoma: Deffensive Coordinator


Arizona Cardinals: Linebackers and Deffensive Line

Baltimore Ravens: Deffensive Line, then became the Deffensive Coordinator

Those are all the places that he has coached throughout the past 20 years, and due to his experience, I believe that he would be able to turn the franchise around, and make them winners. He did that wherever he went. Also, he has a Super Bowl ring, from 2000, with the Ravens.

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scott24falcs (1/20/2008)
I think he would be a good hire, but it now looks like he won't be the guy. I really want Steve Spagnuolo.

Yes - It seems to be pretty clear that our top choice is still in the play-offs.

Rex Ryan is probably our back-up since no one else wants him.

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FalconsFan14 (1/20/2008)
Who, Steve Spagnuolo?

This year he has finally made a name for himself, he has never been talked about, much, before this year! Practically no one knew about him, prior tio this year!

Doesn't matter. I'm sure GMs and HCs knew a lot more about him than the casual fan. He's been a coach for a while. He worked under Jim Johnson (Eagle's DC) for like 7-8 years. The Giant's players and fans love him. He is a fiery guy, and would bring an aggressive, tough style of play to our team IMO. Osi Umenyiora was quoted as saying, "we would run through a brick wall for Spags."

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