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Head Coaches off the list


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Sparano: I am sure that this board would have gone nuts if we hired Sparano. An OL coach with little experience heading a ship.

Harbaugh: A special teams coach with a famous brother. The media can put lipstick on this pig all it wants. If ATL would have hired him, the media would have laughed.

Caldwell: He wasn't going anywhere. He is the heir apparent in Indy. This was the best thing for him.

Garrett: He knew he wasn't ready. He took the money and will wait for his turn in Dallas.

Ryan: Loved by his players because he lets them run free. That is easy and OK, if you are a Coordinator.....not a good idea if you are a HC. He would have been a repeat of Junior.

So, there you have it. The entire run down of lost opportunities. This board is filled with kids pressing the panic button......as if there was no more coaching talent in this league. The following cadidates are still available:

Mike Smith, Mike Singletary, Jim Schwartz, Leslie Frazier, Steve Spagnuolo, Ron Rivera, Cam Cameron, Ron Meeks and Greg Williams. With the exception of Caldwell, I think that the guys still available are superior to the guys that are off the board. Yes, even Cam Cameron is better suited and prepared to handle a HC job than any of the above mentioned duds in bold letters.

Quit the crying and whining. Things will be fine.

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Guest JBopper

The Head Coach is still someone nobody will see coming,in my opinion.Dimitroff is looking everywhere Pros and college.Have faith my fellow Falcon Followers next year The Dirty Birds will rise like the Phoenix.

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