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Scott24Falc's Complete Offseason II

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grendel (1/20/2008)
Culain (1/20/2008)
I like your first pick (Dorsey), and 4th (Forte)

Don't much like the rest

Greco is only 300lbs they said at EW Shrine game he was down 20 below listed weight.

Felton is listed as a super slow OG, that tires out way too easy.

They said he was down 20 lbs from his listed 330 lb weight, which would make him 310. I'll take 310 lbs of quicker, stronger, in better shape LT over an out of shape 330 lbs.

I looked on 5 sites and the biggest anyone had him listed was 320 some at 318 and some had him listed as a guard. Sorry Scott didn't mean to hi-jack your thread.

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No biggie Culain.

I think we will probably sign an OG in FA (Faneca or Womack), and possibly an OT for depth. With the great OT class of this draft, I think a would-be 2nd rounder will probably drop to the 3rd. I definetly don't want us to wait any longer than the 3rd though. Thanks for the comments.

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