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East-West Shrine Game...


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Gimmesomo (1/18/2008)
R. 3: Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware (its a very good chance he'll go late in the 2nd if so Josh Johnson should be available so i'll be satisfied either way...don't know if you Brohm-fans realize this but D.II is sooooo the way to go right now...)

R. 5: Cory Boyd, RB, South Carolina (the only reason i'm picking him so late is because of the obvious depth of this position this year, warning: this is not a sexy pick but this is the right pick with power, speed, awareness, catching AND blocking ability, if only you'd of watched him play....then you could understand)

i've put Josh and Cory in all of my mocks since midseason!!!.........And not just to hype 'em up either...

Prepare yourselves i'm gonna be referring to these guys until Dimitrioff finds out!!!

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goosedaddy70 (1/19/2008)
Do you honestly think that our GM as well as ALL the other GMs don't know about these guys.

Come on kid. You really have SO much to learn. Maybe once you get out of High School you will realize how little you actually know.

yeah like nobody else on this board ever says things like "why draft him this year when we can get so and so next year" or "no, i'd rather take this guy in so and so round" like we're the only team in the NFL that drafts
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