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Eligible Juniors Announced Today

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Player Position College

Albert, Branden G Virginia

Anderson, L.J. G Central Florida

Arrington, Adrian WR Michigan

Bennett, Earl WR Vanderbilt

Bennett, Martellus TE Texas A&M

Bess, Davone WR Hawaii

Bobo, Demario DB Mississippi State

Campbell, Calais DE Miami

Charles, Jamaal RB Texas

Clady, Ryan T Boise State

Collins, Anthony T Kansas

Dingle, Johnny DE West Virginia

Dunbar, Franklin T Middle Tennessee

Finley, Jermichael TE Texas

Flowers, Brandon DB Virginia Tech

Geathers, Jeremy DE Nevada-Las Vegas

Gholston, Vernon DE Ohio State

Grice-Mullen, Ryan WR Hawaii

Guion, Letroy DT Florida State

Hardy, James WR Indiana

Harvey, Derrick DE Florida

Hayes, Geno LB Florida State

Henderson, Erin LB Maryland

Ikegwuonu, Jack DB Wisconsin

Jackson, DeSean WR California

Johnson, Josh LB Marshall

Jones, Felix RB Arkansas

Kelly, Malcolm WR Oklahoma

King, Justin DB Penn State

Lee, Xavier QB Florida State

Lofton, Curtis LB Oklahoma

Lymon, Selwyn WR Purdue

Manningham, Mario WR Michigan

Mayo, Jerod LB Tennessee

McFadden, Darren RB Arkansas

Mendenhall, RashardRB Illinois

Merling, Phillip DE Clemson

Morgan, DaJuan DB North Carolina State

Myles, Lamar LB Louisville

Penix, Sean WR Arkansas

Phillips, Kenny DB Miami

Rachal, Chilo G Southern California

Reynaud, Darius WR West Virginia

Rice, Ray RB Rutgers

Scandrick, Orlando DB Boise State

Sims, Pat DT Auburn

Slaton, Steve RB West Virginia

Smith, Kevin RB Central Florida

Smith, Reggie DB Oklahoma

Stewart, Jonathan RB Oregon

Talib, Aqib DB Kansas

Thomas, Devin WR Michigan State

Urrutia, Mario WR Louisville

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3rd and short (1/19/2008)
Hadn't thought about that?

He may look at these guys as quitters since they gave up on school?

At least it gives a whole new outlook since the other teams will dive right in leaving more of the seniors available?

He'll draft to fit specific needs with regard to our philosophy regardless of the prospect's classification.

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