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Vilma -does not think he will be back..


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Jonathan Vilma's knee is healthy enough for him to play football again -- at least the two-hand-touch variety among sixth-graders in a middle-school gym. Oh, and he has to be the automatic quarterback because he's not ready to run yet.

The Jets linebacker made a brief visit to Long Island Friday to participate in the NFL's Take a Player to School program. While he tossed the ball with the kids at Polk Street School in Franklin Square and signed dozens of number 51 Jets jerseys, Vilma knows there's a chance he may never wear that green and white shirt again.

"That's outside of my control," he said of speculation that he could be traded this offseason. "All I can do is worry about my knee." It was the right knee that ended Vilma's season after seven games. He had surgery in November to remove bone chips from the joint, still walks with a limp and has not yet tried to run. He continues to rehab near his home in Miami.

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"I'm building back the muscle because I was on the crutches for so long," he said. "I can walk, I can move, but there's no rush to get into running, especially with such a long offseason. We're just taking it easy, taking the time to get it right."

Vilma said he is unsure whether he will be physically ready to participate in OTAs or minicamps this spring. He said that is something the coaches will have to decide but added that it doesn't seem worth risking further injury or derailing his rehab progress to learn a defensive system he already knows.

Vilma said he hasn't spoken with the organization about his future. He has two years remaining on his contract.

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I was thinking the same thing a couple of weeks ago.....but depending on D-Mo's return, we may hava a logjam for OLB. We probably need to start grooming a replacement MLB for Brooking or finding a true one via trade or draft.

Don't know if Vilma offers the flexibility to delay that search.

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Very true, if we can get him cheap I would go for it. Being in the 3-4 the past couple of years, struggling in it, and with this injury thing they cant, and wont expect much for him. If he comes back strong as he was in a 4-3 then that would be one of the best moves this franchise has ever made.

Given we dont switch to a 3-4 ourselves, that is yet to be seen since we dont have a coach yet.

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