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Ravens panic and sign Harbaugh


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I am so happy that Dimitroff is here so that we don't panic, like McKay did on the last two hires and sign someone who is not ready.

Here is a rundown as I see it:

Parcells was never an option, he was leveraging with Miami on the other phone the whole time he was talking to Blank.

Garret never was planning to leave Dallas, he had Jerry Jones on hold the whole time he flirted in Baltimore and Atlanta.

Mora Jr is waiting for the opening in Seattle and was just leveraging his Seattle deal by going to visit the 'Skins. Holmgren is about to announce his retirement.

Now that all of the clowns and pretenders have finally revealed what their plans were all along, Thomas Dimitroff can now evaluate the serious candidates and bring us a Head Coach with a plan.

This coaching carousel has been quite revealing, it has shown where there is no actual sentiment for the Head Coaching job anymore, just a loyalty to money.

What has happened to the Head Coaches in the NFL, no more are there any truly dedicated Head Coaches. These flip floppers and manipulators make me sick.

I would like to see a real LEADER take the Atlanta job and show the NFL what dedication and coaching skills are all about.

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bigduke633 (1/18/2008)
scott24falcs (1/18/2008)
I wouldn't say the Ravens panicked. I think after Garrett decided to stay in Dallas, Harbaugh was their other choice the whole time.

Just for arguments sake shouldnt there be more choices?

I meant their 2nd choice. I had heard they were interested in Harbaugh since they fired Billick. I'm sure there were others on their list.

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Hard Knock (1/18/2008)
Nice post M-gee... I agree with you I want to see the right guy come in here.

Thanks! I am tired of taking leftovers and unqualified coaches.

Contrary to the many who say niobody wants to coach here, I think we are working from the top of Rich mcKay's list downward. Enter Dimitroff, new list being formed of viable candidates vs sexy candidate list.

Caldwell was just leveraging a deal like the others mentioned earlier.

The right head coach is out there, we need someone who can make a committment to the Falcons and to Atlanta.

I have been studying QB's in the draft all year, I never was very big on Brohm, I liked Ryan siome, Brennan a lot, but Henne and Flacco may be given serious looks. henne came from the same College system that Brady came from. That gives me pause to seriously think Henne, Flacco looks like he may also be a big time candidate as well.

I am on the Dimitroff wagon, I have to place my Trust in Thomas to do what he was brought here to do and support his decisions. I lost faith in McKay's decisions, they simply have not stood the test of time.

Not an endorsement but I would like to find a Head Coach who has the "passion for the game" that the Head Coach at Boise State, Chris Peterson has. Not endorsing Peterson for this job but I loved the passion, emotion and approach he plays the game with. He is a VERY clever coach, just like the guy I called for before Petrino was hired. That Head Coach is now at GaTech, Paul Johnson is a very clever play caller, obviously the Triple Option is not an NFL offense but Paul is the kind of thinker we need here. We just need a passionate and clever Head Coach, not the sulken emotionless Petrino-clod type, a guy with a passion for the game. Belichek has that driven passion to win, I always disliked Bill but at the same time I always admired his desire to win the game.

I only have one more thing to ask, Is "Tom Brady a cyborg?" That guy is a QB Machine, I expect to see his eyes blinking red at any time when he is on the field.

Cyborg or not, what a freaking QB he is!

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michaelgee (1/18/2008)
bigduke633 (1/18/2008)
I dont know much about their choice but they didnt interview much did they?

total knee jerk reaction, pick the next guy who don't step backwards.

Or they are just more confident in their decisions. I don't think Ozzie Newsome made a knee-jerk hire when Harbaugh was mentioned as a contender for the HC job there the first day after Billick was fired. The two situations are so different, not really comparable seeing as the Falcons and Ravens are really in two very different places. Ozzie Newsome knew what he wanted in a coach which is why he recommended Billick be fired in the first place. Here, the GM was hired last week.

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