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Dimitroff's early NFL Career


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Ah, Found a great article on ESPN.

I was challenged the other day when I reported that Schwartz must know Dimitroff personally. I know Dimitroff's dad was a scout for the Browns during Belichick's era, much like Schwartz. In this report Belichick said he's known TD since Cleveland. That doesn't prove that Dimitroff knows Schwartz personally, but its a perspective to consider.


"Tom's done a good job for us," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. "I've known him a long time since I was in Cleveland."

Dimitroff is expected to have considerable input in the Falcons' search for a head coach and sources said he has already offered some analysis to team officials in that regard. With the general manager spot filled, the Falcons could move relatively quickly to name a head coach to succeed Bobby Petrino, who resigned with three games remaining in his first NFL season.

An 18-year veteran in the league, Dimitroff has been with the Patriots for six years. He joined the franchise in 2002 as a national scout and then was named director of college scouting a year later.

Before joining the Pats' personnel department, Dimitroff worked nine seasons in the scouting departments of the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns.

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