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1. Miami (1-15)

The Pick: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

The buzz: The Dolphins begin the Parcells era with a 'winner' at the game's most important position.

2. St. Louis (3-13)

The Pick: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

The buzz: Dorsey is a dominant inside force that is much needed along the Rams front four.

x - 3. Atlanta (4-12)

The Pick: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas*

The buzz: The Falcons must rebuild, especially at QB, but McFadden would be too good to pass on here.

x - 4. Oakland (4-12)

The Pick: Chris Long, DE, Virginia

The buzz: Al Davis might continue the old Raider lineage with this selection.

x - 5. Kansas City (4-12)

The Pick: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville

The buzz: The Chiefs are a total offensive disaster this season, and the quarterback spot is their highest priority.

6. N.Y. Jets (4-12)

The Pick: Jake Long, OT, Michigan

The buzz: The Jets want to land a blue-chip offensive lineman, and Long is a fine bookend tackle.

7. New England (From San Francisco (5-11))

The Pick: Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami*

The buzz: The Patriots are looking for another impact defender in their changing secondary.

8. Baltimore (5-11)

The Pick: Calais Campbell, DE, Miami*

The buzz: The Ravens want one of the top two quarterbacks, but may have to draft into other deep areas of this class.

9. Cincinnati (7-9)

The Pick: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State*

The buzz: The Bengals defense gives up too many big plays and needs a force off the edge.

10. New Orleans (7-9)

The Pick: Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma*

The buzz: The Saints defense gets smoked weekly, and Smith is one of the elite cornerbacks.

11. Buffalo (7-9)

The Pick: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

The buzz: The Bills wants more playmakers, especially on the inside.

12. Denver (7-9)

The Pick: Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.*

The buzz: The Broncos offensive line must improve for QB Jay Cutler to take the next step as an NFL starter.

13. Carolina (7-9)

The Pick: Keith Rivers, LB, USC

The buzz: The Panthers backer unit would benefit from another strong defender.

14. Chicago (7-9)

The Pick: Andre' Woodson, QB, Kentucky

The buzz: The Bears are hoping to land a future offensive leader in the first round.

15. Detroit (7-9)

The Pick: Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida*

The buzz: The Lions must improve their outside pass rush to be a playoff contender.

16. Arizona (8-8)

The Pick: Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona

The buzz: The Cardinals secondary must improve for this team to make the postseason.

17. Minnesota (8-8)

The Pick: DeSean Jackson, WR, California*

The buzz: The Vikings are looking for playmakers on the outside and in the return game.

18. Houston (8-8)

The Pick: Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma*

The buzz: The Texans are looking to add a standout playmaker opposite Andre Johnson.

19. Philadelphia (8-8)

The Pick: Dan Connor, LB, Penn St

The buzz: The Eagles want to solidify their front seven, and this local product will be a fan favorite.

20. Tampa Bay (9-7)

The Pick: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas*

The buzz: The Bucs' are looking to rebuild a playoff-caliber defense, especially at cornerback.

21. Washington (9-7)

The Pick: Lawrence Jackson, DE, Southern Cal

The buzz: The Redskins are hoping to draft an impact pass rusher at this spot.

22. Dallas (from Cleveland (10-6))

The Pick: Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan*

The buzz: The Cowboys have big problems in their receiving corps and at cornerback.

23. Pittsburgh (10-6)

The Pick: Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

The buzz: The Steelers hope to address their offensive line, especially tackle, early in the draft.

24. Tennessee (10-6)

The Pick: James Hardy, WR, Indiana*

The buzz: The Titans need to add playmakers in their passing game.

25. Seattle (10-6)

The Pick: Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois*

The buzz: The Seahawks are looking to the future with Shawn Alexander on the downside of his career.

26. Jacksonville (11-5)

The Pick: Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech*

The buzz: The Jaguars are looking to improve in pass coverage, and this corner can help.

y - 27. NY Giants (10-6)

The Pick: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida

The buzz: G-Men need another top-flight cover man opposite last year's pick, Aaron Ross.

y - 27. San Diego (11-5)

The Pick: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon*

The buzz: The Chargers will lose veteran runner Michael Turner and LaDainian Tomlinson enters his eighth season next fall.

y - 29. Green Bay (13-3)

The Pick: Sam Baker, OT, Southern Cal

The buzz: The Packers will look to address their tackle spot. Both starters will be older than 30 next season.

y - 30. Dallas (13-3)

The Pick: DeJuan Tribble, CB, Boston College

The buzz: The Cowboys secondary has problems in coverage, and they will be address the corner spot with one of their two No. 1 selections.

y - 31. San Francisco (From Indianapolis (13-3))

The Pick: Early Doucet, WR, LSU

The buzz: The 49ers offense needs to upgrade their weak receiving corps if Alex Smith is too ever to realize his pro potential.

y - 32. New England (16-0)

The Pick: no pick

The Buzz: Pick forfeited.

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What is the fascination with McFadden?We have the same runningback in Norwood,but faster and he carried more of the load in college.Remember Reggie Bush,every year there is a must have rb,& there will be one next year.We can pick a rb later in the draft or give Snelling a chance.If we pick dmc I will be pissed.Ellis or Long is the pick here,games are won &lost in the trenches.

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BigSlick (1/18/2008)
I will throw up if we take Darren McFadden over Jake Long. In fact there is only one player who I can even justify taking over Jake Long...Glen Dorsey and I would be a little frustrated with that.

I'll throw up if Jake Long goes before Darren McFadden.

Taking Jake Long doesn't do anything more to fix our line than taking Matt Ryan would. There are like 4 better LT prospects sitting below him.

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I don't really care if it's a need position or not, if Chris Long is available when we pick, we HAVE to take him. You guys are probably saying to yourselves "We have Abe! And Jamaal might not be a bust yet!"

To you I say "What happens when Abe gets hurt and we have to rely on Chauncey Davis as our main pass rusher?" Yeah, that got you thinking. We're one player away from another '07 season.

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