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Whatever they are doing.....

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Thank goodness they are doing it quietly and apparently out of view of the media. I think Thomas has already brought some sanity to the search process. I would be very pleased if only Thomas is involved in the current procedure, and if he would only bring his selection to Blank for final approval at contract negotiation.

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yes, I have noticed how quiet it has gotten since TD took over the search. If things are happening we are not hearing about them. I'm not sure how to interpret this; maybe TD is interviewing, and we aren't hearing about it, or maybe he has narrowed down his search to a coach still in the playoffs (Spag) and he is not doing anything now except waiting to see if Giants lose. I'm a little surprised he has not brought in Swartz and/or Smith in for a 2nd look. Either he has or they are not on his list. Waiting is so hard and I want to see a HC named, but more than that i want the right man. If that happens it would be worth waiting a few more days. If the Giants lose Sunday,, I would anticipate Spag being brought here the beginning of next week and something happening. If not, it would appear TD is targeting someone on the remaining 2 teams.

One thing would appear certain--someone other than Ryan is on TD's list. Another dynamic going on besides HC search, is the availability of quality DC's. As HC's are named, quality DC's will start coming off the board. At least we won't have to wait much longer.

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