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Our unstable Organization?

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I dont understand this whole perception that we are such a bad organization and nobody wants to work here. Everything i have ever heard and read, is that AB is highly regarded and respected within the NFL circles.

Here's my take on ABs tenure

1) Reeves : 2 winning seasons in 7 years. Everyone was calling for his head. Everyone was ecstatic when he was fired, because he was being so conservative. Also, I believe that firing Reeves was a requirement to get McKay here. If you remember correctly, Reeves was fired and McKay was hired within a week.

2) Mora : I truly believe Mora would not have been fired if he wouldnt have made those comments to the radio station. We were trying to make the playoffs, and the biggest game of the year coming up with Dallas, in primetime, and Mora decides to make some bone head comments about leaving us if the Washington job came available

3) Petrino- Well he's just a quitter. I believe Blank was ready to stay with him for the long haul, but i actually thing Quitrino did us a favor

4) Cower- All we did was inquire if he would be available, as did Washington and Balt. He said no...that he wanted to fulfill his commitment he made to his family. AB would have been roasted if he wouldnt have at least inquired.

5) Parcells- Great mind, cant blame AB for wanting to get him on the team, but like several other teams in the past, Parcells used us. It just happend to be at a bad time for us, and it just magnified us a little brighter after all we went through.

6) Schottenheimer- says he didnt think ATL would be a good fit for him...Um...I dont remember anyone from the ATL Organization asking you

7) Garrettt- there is no proof that we offered him the job...i've actually read reports where its speculated that we actually didnt offfer him the job. He stiffed Baltimore...not us

Bottom line, AB has made some mistakes and i believe probably but too much trust/faith into McKay. but the fact is, he is passionate and loves this team and wants to win, and is willing to put up whatever type of money is needed to make this happen. Since Blank has taken over the team, there has been optimism and hope each year....when the smiths had the team their was dread with mimimal expectations, and if we sniffed the playoffs then wow..that would last us for at least the next 5 years.

Arthur...I'm still behind you 100%

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