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Don't worry!!! Everything will be all right.

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The whole Garrett to Atlanta thing was a complete smoke screen. Which is a good thing because he is not what we need right now. It is the McKay shuffle. He is making everyone look at his left hand while the trick is getting done with his right. Dimitroff better be paying attention.

I may shock you but I believe the whole Parcells coming to Atlanta was a smoke screen as well. The information was leaked to the press and Blank drags his feet getting up there to have him sign knowing Miami was interested? Why Parcells? He is exactly the opposite of what you have been preaching since you became owner Mr Blank. You knew that Parcells has a better relationship with the Miami owner. You forced the hand of Miami. Now you have made the Miami Dolphins the enemy of Jerry Jones because you and McKay knew he would steal away the entire organization of coaches and FA from Dallas. All along looking innocent but never the less weakening a NFC opponent.

Parcells is another Dan Reeves in the fact that he doesn't care what others think within the organization because he is going to do things his way. You want a team perspective. That is why you fired Reeves. Now why hire Parcells?

They have already been in contact and working on contract stuff for the last few days with the new HC. Maybe there are contract negotiating or maybe he is in the Playoffs. Maybe he is contacting his potential staff as well. It will be a defense guy. NE is coached by a defense guy. OC will probably be Hue if he does not take the Cincy job. If not Cam is still available.

The Falcons will work on the OL and get a true RB that can hit the hole and punish. That RB will not be in the 1st RD. The draft is LOADED with talent. The QB maybe Redman who I believe proved that he can play or someone else that can sling the ball. The Falcons play in a dome with NO in a dome that by itself could be 9 wins in a dome if we have a wide open offense. Blank and McKay have been coveting a wide open offense look at their last 2 hires. West coast and BP spread multiple formations.

Don't be surprised we will be in the playoffs next year. We have talent. If the offense had not been run by BP the defense would have been good enough to stop a lot of drives. We would have had more wins. But 3 and out for 3 qtrs with BP calling plays and blocking schemes that were never practiced and the defense loses steam and becomes a lower ranked defense.

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I am a long time Falcon Fan. Been a fan since my father and I when I was a little boy watched Bartkowski, Cain, Andrews... and a fan through the June Jones and Galndville days too. I have never stopped.

I believe that Blank is trying to bring a winner to Atlanta. Mora and BP both would have been the right hire if it were not for a few things.

MORA - Blind loyalty to his assistant coaches. He would never get rid of them and change or modify to complement Vick. He did terrible in the draft. True McKay drafted, but it was the players the coach wanted.

If you look at coaches that stay put at one job it is because they fire coordinators as fast as they hire them. Shannahan, Reeves, Cowher. IMO the worst fire for the Falcons was Burns by Reeves. After the SB year JA went down without a replacement, Robinson gone, and Martin gone. Reeves was not going to say it was him that put the team together because he was GM too. So Burns took the fall. Now look at Burns at KY after they got out of probation.

BP Would have been a great hire if he had not lost his QB and was totally over his head. He was what they wanted in a fast scoring spread offense for the dome. He wasn't over his head in the coaching respect cause he knew enough to lose. It was his personality and how to handle this like a business with professionals.

Now what do I mean by knowing enough to lose. Calling plays that were not practiced, not playing a QB that knew your system because he might win, and not calling plays for 1st down by having WR run shorter routes so if they catch the ball they will be short of a 1st down.

I have no doubt they know who is the new HC. He will be defensive, from the NFL and will want to stay in the NFL.

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