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cstyle4200 (1/17/2008)
Really wants the **** job Blank-o might as well give it to that fat a$$ Ryan.

Thank you for proving what an ignorant fan you are.....please gtf out of here and go root for a bandwagon team......we dont need you nor your negativity on this board, if you dont like that franchise or the way it is ran, noone has a gun to your head, good ridance.....noone here would feel a loss of you being gone.

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ancient raptor (1/17/2008)
Danishfalcon (1/17/2008)
Bad day at work?


Thomas and scouting staff cam do all the Senior Bowl stuff. As long as we have coaching staff long enough to evaluate current playes before the draft, we will still be OK.

LOL....:hehe:, negative people like this guy always infuriate me....

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