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I need help guys

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Ok, I'll let you know a little bit about my gaming experience. First of all the game that I play the most and will always play is NCAA Football by EA Sports. I want a PS3 just because I like that game on playstation more than XBox. I also am a big fan of Halo but I like COD more than Halo. COD3 was great on the PS3 but my buddy says that COD4 is much better on the 360. I'm going to get one of these systems next month. Which one should I get?

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I think it depends on what else you will be using the system for. If I remember correctly, NCAA 08 looks and plays better on the XBOX 360 than the ps3 (60 fps vs. 30 fps), but that may even out with the 09 versions. COD4 is essentially the same on both systems, I don't think the 360 version has anything on the PS3 version. It boils down to this: do you want a Blue Ray player? If the answer is yes, then get a PS3. If you don't then get a 360, the reliability issues in the new incarnation are very greatly diminished, and it is cheaper. XBOX live does cost $50 a year vs. the free PSN, but the service offers a lot more at the present time. The games you described (except Halo) are multiplatform, so you should base your decision on the other aspects of each system. That is just my two cents.

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As a 360 owner, Leroy recommends that you buy a PS3, for a few reasons.

1. You can get both CoD and the sports games on it, and play online for free(xbox live costs $).

2. It has a blu-ray player, which is in the process of winning the format war, and is a value enough by itself to buy the console.(you get 5 free movies till the end of january too I think)

3. You mentioned you liked Halo, but I will tell you that even though Halo 3 is better than 2, it is still nowhere near the game Halo:CE was.

4. It will have an improving game library( with MGS4 and GT this year I believe).

5. Finally, a personal experience: I have had 2 360s break down on me, the second one just last week.

Just some advice, based on Leroy's experience.

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MidWest Falcon (1/17/2008)
I have heard that the 360's breakdown a lot. I really don't care about the blue ray....all it means to me is that I have to spend more money! Man I'm still undecided. I do like the fact that online gaming is free for the PS3. Has your PS3 ever given you any problems?
Never given me problems, if you want to be economical about it, get the 40 gig PS3 because the 50 bucks will even the 360 out ;) They are both great systems i just prefer the PS3.
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The older 360's (including mine) had problems, but they fixed a few hardware issues and those problems are largely gone. If you don't care about the blue ray player then it comes down to free online play vs. 50 bucks a year. (honestly I think it is worth it because of the stuff xbox live offers that PSN doesn't but that is a personal choice.) You should do a little research and see what system exclusive games are out, or are coming out. There are games coming out soon that will make me buy a PS3, but for me right now, the 360 has better exclusives. Just look at the games that you are likely to play, and see which system limits you less.

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I prefer the PS3.

- 80 GB of HDD storage. As said, easy to upgrade, and doesn't void the warranty. Sony actually has the directions in the manual.

- Free game included in MotorStorm

- Free online play on dedicated servers. Resistance is one of the best experiences online.

- Built-in wireless card. I play online wirelessly with no lag.

- Blu-ray disc playback. 25 GB per layer... and most games coming out next year will be on 50-GB discs.

- PSP/PS3 connectivity. You can play games wirelessly anywhere in the world. You can access your PS3 media from anywhere in the world using the PSP. Other features too.

- Motion-sensing controllers that will also get rumble in the near future.

- Built-in multi-card reader.

- Full keyboard support for everything... including messaging in games. Some games coming out support keyboard/mouse for the actual gameplay (eg Unreal Tournament III).

- The powerful CELL BE. 4.5x more powerful than even the new quad-core processors from Intel.

- Bluetooth connectivity. Great for headsets.

- Upscales DVDs and PS2/PS1 games to 1080p via HDMI. (SCE engineers have said they will even improve that by 40% when it's all said and done.)

- Rechargeable controllers right out of the box (Li-ion batteries already included). No need for extra devices or battery-purchasing.

- HDMI 1.3 support. (Even the HDMI in the X360 is 1.2... not 1.3)

- Web browser built-in.

- PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL media content over a wireless network from any connected computer through your TV via the PS3.

- RELIABLE. Less than 1% defect rate. It's not loud... quieter than your desktop computer.

- Open online system. User-generated content in upcoming games open and free to download. (eg Unreal Tournament III and LittleBigPlanet)

- Great support from Sony. One firmware update a month, and weekly content updates on the PS Store.

- TONS of content here and coming.

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I say ps3 for the following reasons:

blu ray player (high def movies are just amazing)

built in wifi

can attach external hard drive with movies and expand memory (I have 60 gb ps3 but have 500 gb external hard drive connected

sixaxis controllers (like games with sixaxis controls like bowling....fun with family)

dvd upscaler

2 hdmi slots

my ps3 is the center of my entertainment. Watch hi def movies, play games, PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL movies music and photos to my hi def tv.

never had ONE issue with reliability...love my ps3.

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I just bought a PS3 here are my reasons for buying:

ability to play my old PS2 games

built in Blu-ray player

good quality compared to the Xbox360

wireless controllers

So far I have really enjoyed it and the graphics look great on my TV but I am sure that the Xbox graphics would look good as well.

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if blu-ray doesn't matter to you, just look at the upcoming games because you're buying a system for games, right? don't let anything else sway you. I have a 360 and im happy with it. and just to note, if you buy a ps3 and wanna play your old ps2 games, don't get the 40 gb. It can't play ps2 games.

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When I first got my PS3 there was no games, and i ditched it for my friends 360. But now that they have COD for it, Drake's Fortune, and Unreal tournament all w/ free online I really enjoy it. Another thing thats great is I only have a 20GB hardrive, but I hooked up my 150 GB Hardrive to the PS3 so now I'll never run out of room!

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I have had an Xbox 360 since May of 2005 and I can tell you that it has not given out on me yet.

I recommend if you are to choose a 360 get the elite. HDMI comparable to the Ps3, so it might not have Blu-ray but are you buying a video game system to watch movies?

I do like the fact that Ps3 online is free, but the fact is its nowhere near xbox live

360 has a couple exclusive games already out

-Halo 3

-Mass Effect

-Gears of War


Honestly, you shouldn't be asking for other peoples opinion because at the end of the day, its what your paying for and sticking with....not us

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While I can't speak for the PS3 for you I will mention I was in a similar predicament a few months back. I opted to go with the 360 as I did my own research. While I did fear the console breaking down I still feel better that it can be replaced regardless how long that might take although mine has yet to fail me. I ultimately went for what I believe was the better game library. So I think whichever system you feel has a better game library I'd go for it.

Even thought live might cost money I think it's worth it. I choose to get 3 month subscriptions at $20 and although in the long run it'll cost more, it just makes me feel better at the time lol. Best of luck with your choice let us know what ya get!

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First off, Call of Duty 3 was a joke. It was not made by the same people as 1,2, or 4. Those games are amazing.

Off too the War.

If your like that you don't have to buy online service, have a wireless router, and plan to do stuff other than/including gaming, then get a PS3.

If you want more exlusive based games (mostly RPG's) then go for 360.


Built in Wi-Fi.

Free Online with the Playstation Network

For the time being EA is slower to develop, (Madden, NCAA) but that should change this year.

Save a load on getting a Blu-Ray player

XBOX 360

More games. While this trend is to decrease, Ace Combat, Halo, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Crackdown, Jade Empire, KOTOR are examples.

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Oh I do prefer my PS3 over the 360, but I have had one problem.

I packed my PS3 in bubble wrap and large amounts of clothing on my way home from college, and when I turned it on, it said that my hard disk drive was not found and the sytem would not start.

So I called Sony, and they told me to unplug, unscrew pull-out and reassemble. The easiest thing in the world.

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I have had a 360 since 2006, and have played the PS3 a few times, but not enough to get a good enough read for the system. I will say this though, I've never enjoyed playing videogames as much as I have with my 360. BTW, you shouldn't have to worry about a new 360 breaking, I believe they fixed that issue. Tough decision indeed, you really can't go wrong with a 360 though.

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it's kinda hard to say right now. a year ago i would have said definitely get a 360, but nowadays not so much.

the games nowadays are pretty much a wash, with the 360 now having slightly better games, but a lot of 360's "exclusives" are also on PC, and nowadays i don't think it is too expensive to upgrade a pc to where it can play those games.

the ps3 is way more reliable hardware. a common problem with the 360's hardware is the 3 RROD, but if you get that MS will fix it for free.

the 360 costs money to play online, but the features are great. once you sign on to live you can easily voice chat with anyone, no matter what game either of you are playing. also, for the majority of games, you can easily invite your friends to play with you. the ps3 is lacking in this catagory, i really hope they can somehow figure out how to allow cross-game voice chat and friend invite.

I'll make some recommendations as to what bundle you should get. if you go with a 360, i think the best deal is the pro bundle. if you go ps3, try and find a 60gb. they are hard to find and you will more then likely have to settle for a used one, but IMHO it is the best SKU.

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It all depends on what you're looking for. I've had my launch console fail (RROD) on me and I tried to fix it using several different tricks online after it went out of the original 1 year warranty. I kept having problems and since I had opened the console I couldn't get it repaired for free. I went ahead and got a new console. Well that one got disc read errors after 6 months, sent it in, then the same thing. I swapped that console for one of the new "Falcon" consoles with HDMI (I won't get into how I swapped it). I actually feel now that I have a reliable console that I can leave on for hours at a time and it won't fail. I was always worried about my old 360's because they ran hot and loud. The new one never gets hot and is much quieter. I finally broke down and got a PS3 last week because I got a new job with a bonus so I had some cash to blow and I wanted to play some of the PS3 exclusives and I wanted a Blu-Ray player. I like the PS3 for the free online play, built in wireless, bluray, chargable controllers without having to buy a kit. I prefer my 360 still for the games. I prefer the 360 controller much much more so all cross platform games I will buy on the 360. Plus Live makes the cross platform games better to me because it is leaps and bounds better than PSN. I also enjoy the Xbox exclusives much more than the PS3 exclusives, though there are some great PS3 exclusives. Warhawk gets delivered tomorrow so that may make me like my PS3 more than the 360, but I doubt it :D. I still have to beat Mass Effect!

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