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Present State of Affairs

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I guess I just wanted to show the truth about our current situation by starting my own thread. The truth is that we had not one, but two guys to make selfish decisions. While I barely understand or even know what REALLY happened with our ex-QB, and the same can be said about our ex-HC, I do know where it left us. In a very bad way. Now we are in the familiar spot of needing a HC, but this is after a guy came in and had some questionable moments and the other guy leave us w/o a QB. We went 4-14 this year and unless you went to the games you may have missed a couple of those.

Truth is...no matter who gets hired as the HC, no matter who we draft, no matter who we get in the FA, no matter what type of trades we make, the ATL Falcons have a lot of work to do in this offseason and it needs to start immediately. We really don't know what is going on at this present moment, but we do know that they have their hands full.

The franchise has suffered, Blank has suffered, and even McKay. Even though I do not like McKay. The players feel as though this was a wasted season, many people are talking about how no one wants to be here. Glass is half empty, et al.

Truth is that we the fanbase have suffered more than anyone. WE are the only permanent Falcons and it is we the fans who have the right to express our feelings of disappointment.

Soon though, we will have a head coach, QB, draft, et al and when that happens we'll argue over that as well. Please don't forget though guys...we all want the same thing and that is a winning season. We will soon, but as we all know...the sooner the better.


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Thats really refreshing. Youre right, we're all in this together and no matter wut you view is on the HC etc etc, we all jus wanna win and be entertained while winning. I'm not going anywhere as a fan, jus cant wait for the dark days are over.

Ride or Die babie!!! Falcons for Life!!!!!

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