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Matt Ryan is a traditional Falcon First Rounder.

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Legion (1/17/2008)
Scrappy777 (1/17/2008)
I personally dont think we draft him. I honestly think we're gonna trade out the position, hopefully with Dallas so we can get two first.

Won't get two first.

Dallas would have to give up more than just 2 1sts for our pick... Points chart value says they would have to give up their 2nd/3rd as well, depending on whether we have the 3rd or 4th/5th overall selection. I really dont think trading with the 'Boys is viable for this reason. If we trade down with anyone, they would have to have a pretty high 1st and also give us their 2nd IMO...

I wouldnt mind seeing 2 trade downs in the 1st... Trade our 3/4/5 pick for somewhere around 7-11, and then trade that pick to around the 15-20 mark and get a couple of 2nds in return... Of course you need a trading partner to do it with though...

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