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UGA still in running for Buford's Hunter


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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 01/16/08

There's a good chance Omar Hunter will be in Jacksonville for this year's Florida-Georgia game. But that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be wearing a Gators jersey.

The Bulldogs are making a late push to sign the Buford defensive tackle following his decision to de-commit from Notre Dame earlier this month. Hunter, who is widely regarded as one of the top defensive tackles in the country, said Wednesday that he plans to visit Athens next weekend.

Florida became the frontrunner to land Hunter last month, when his commitment to the Irish began to waver. And that hasn't changed, especially after friend and teammate T.J. Pridemore committed to the Gators last weekend. Hunter is scheduled to visit Florida this weekend.

But Georgia assistants have stepped up their efforts to recruit Hunter in recent weeks. And Hunter made it clear Wednesday that he will at least give the Bulldogs a first-hand look.

"I'm going to visit Georgia just to see it," Hunter said. "Why not? It's close to home. It's right down the street."

Georgia has already put together one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. Still, the signing of Hunter would be a major coup for coach Mark Richt and his staff. At 6 feet 1 and 311 pounds, the senior was an integral part of Buford's 2007 Class AA state championship team.

Earlier this month, Hunter also listed Southern California and Auburn among his top choices. But his desire to remain closer to home makes USC more of a longshot. And the departure of Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp hurt the Tigers' chances.

If Hunter has learned anything over the last year, though, it's that nothing is final until signing day. He'll be glad when the recruiting process is over, he said, but he is in no rush to end it.

"I'm going to keep it going," he said.

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I will tell you what i know: UGA met with Omar yesterday. It was a nice visit. However they told him right now, at this time, they do not have a scholly for him. They won't pull another guy's offer and they won't make anyone greyshirt. They still want him to come up after the UF visit on the 25th, but it's doubtful IMO he makes it.

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here is an actual post regarding the situation from someone who has in the past shown to know omar and what is going on:

UGA is full. We are not going to oversign. The coaches feel that we are 60/40 that 1 kid will not qualify. This also assumes Avery sticks with football. Thus, they are unwilling to be dishonest and "hope" a kid does not qualify to meet the 85. That would mean pulling 1 kids offer if they all qualified.

Thus, Zebrie nor Omar has a commitable offer. It could be that in two weeks UGA has a better feel on Allen and any other "soft commitments", as well as the grades of a few other kids. Maybe some SAT/ACT scores will have come in by then and the odds will have changed, and we feel more comfortable adding an "offer".

And finally, UF does have a commitable offer on the table. Obviously a Top 100 kid is not going to sit around and wait on UGA to have an offer. All things being equal (meaning a UGA offer) I think we would get him. But if we dont produce an offer by the time he comes on his visit we are 100% out of it.

That is exactly where the situation is from a person very close to drama. By the way he can not say enough good things about Omar's character and his ability (stated he was clearly the best player at the all star game).

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