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Why I think trading down with Dallas is a bad idea IMHO

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Many people are of the opinion that trading down with the Cowboys for their 2 first rounders is a good deal. I wouldn't be mad if that happened, but I don't think it's as good of an idea as people make it out to be.

Here are the arguements for trading down

1) We get an extra pick - (2 first rounders) I would normally jump at the notion of having two first round picks, but I just don't see benefit in giving up a chance to draft an elite prospect to draft near the end of the first round. Take into account that the Cowboys I believe are picking 22nd and 29th not 13th and 17th.

2) This draft is deep at positions of need for us. Yeah but I really believe the top 4 rated OTs will be gone by pick 20. That's Long, Oher, Clady, and Baker - maybe even Otah. And I know the top rated DTs will be gone by at least pick 15. So we trade down to lose out on an elite prospect, and somewhat lose out on the chance to maximize on this depth at the positions of need. Even the supposed top rated depth at the QB position will be seriously diminished by the time we would pick at 22. Teams reach for QBs especially in the mid first round, so Brohm, Ryan, and Woodson are gone.

3) Dallas wants McFadden - I honestly believe that Dallas needs the other RB from Arkansas more. Dallas needs a change of pace from Marion Barber, and Felix Jones more accurately fulfills that need and for a cheaper price. The Giants game proved that Barber is not an everydown feature back who gets stronger as the game unfolds, plus he does not have breakaway speed, which Jones does. When you are a great team, you want to replenish talent at positions of need with cheap younger players (like picks at 22 and 29). Dallas could draft a CB, or WR, or RB that fits their scheme needs. They could also better maximize the depth at the OT position, because they aren't looking for a franchise LT at this moment, but they could use oline depth.

Now I'm obviously not a draft or personnel expert, this is just my opinion, and I definitely would respect arguements against my points, in fact I welcome them.

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