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Jake Long will NOT be a Falcon

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Guys St louis lost OP to injury and he is pretty much washed up ready to retire. THey got second pick and not really needing much they will take him. that pick is a guarentee. NOw from what i see we could trade out pick to Carolina moving down 13 spots and pick up an extra third and still get Brohm

the draft goes as this

Carolina (Atlanta Get brohm and an extra 3rd for trading down

Buffalo edwards or losman

Cincinnati Palmer

Denver (cutler)

New Orleans ( brees)

Detroit (maybe take a QB...big maybe, They need defenssive help BIG time.

Chicago- Not one Chicago fan wants to invest in a 1st rd Qb after Grossman

San Francisco --have Alex Smith

Baltimore ---They will take Matt Ryan b/c everyone thinks he is the best QB..lol

NY Jets --Kelly clemens get his chance.

Oakland---has russle

Kansas City (still have Brody Croyle so will not draft a QB

Atlanta ---We trade to carolina, they get mcfadden

St. Louis -Jake long

Miami -Will not go QB with #1 overall pick

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gambit (1/16/2008)
True but the need a lot of help on the defensive side of the ball as well. I hope he falls down to us somehow.

id cream my pants it he did, but he wont. Mark my words, he will be a RAm.

This DRAFT is DEEP, but there is not 1 player thatshould go #1 overall. Wouldnt be surprised to see alot of trading in this draft

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