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If you paid 550 million for a team, What would you do?


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I dont know what the question is, so I cant answer.

But I would pose this question in terms that we all can relate to.

Say you really wanted to make meatloaf... It was your dream to make a killer meatloaf.... But everytime you went into your kitchen to make a meatloaf, you ended up setting the kitchen on fire. You do it like, let's say, 3 times....

Wouldnt you eventually wise up and get someone else to make the meatloaf?

Arthur Blank keeps setting the ##### kitchen on fire. Time to get some takeout.

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if i knew nothing about football then no. a lot of owners buy teams but dont know anything more about the sport than the casual fan. now granted i would not let the gm or whoever hire the colonel from kfc coming or just some guy standing outside of the unemployment office as the coach but i wouldnt put it solely on my shoulders. thats why you have gm's and vp's and all that good stuff.

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the problem with Blank is that he says he's staying out of the kitchen, but the Chef's he keeps hiring are told:

a. you better make the best **** meatloaf in the meatloaf industry, and...

b. and it must be made with my special sauce and my handpicked ingrediants...and

c. you must cook it the way I have always wanted my meatloaf cooked...and most importantly...

c. you better have it made perfectly right NOW...or....


Any chef worth his salt would tell this owner to take a hike...(and apparantly many have in this search.).

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