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Arthur Blank, so far so good

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Arthur Blank took all of 6 days between the firing of Jim Mora to the hiring of Atlantas most hated man, Booby Petrino. His current search and head coach have taken eons longer compared to last seasons hiring fiasco and with his hiring of Thomas "Dont call me Tom" Dimitroff it appears Blank has learned from his mistakes of the past.

Dimitroff is young but has 18 years under his belt as analyst and talent evaluator. The last of those years under the watchful eye of a Patriot staff that has consistenly outperformed every team in the league. Dimitroff comes off as someone who is very thourough and precise in making decisions. He spoke of "his book" where he stores all his analysis and comparisons. He also mentioned time spent comparing college and pro free agent players for possible selection. He brings to the Falcons a desire and mindset to do things by the numbers with data and analysis to back up his decisions rather than just a combine interview and a gut feeling.

Now he and Arthur will embark on the hunt for a new coach that embodies the new GM's philosophies. The current list is short but I have to give Blank credit; he has compiled a list of strong candidates who know the game and have the experience to pull this team out of the sewer. So while some fans will be upset of not hiring feel good pick Mike Singletary or the newest hot shot in the league, Jason Garrett, I believe that after last year Arthur will make the right choice.

While nothing can make us all forget the 2007 season or the Petrino fiasco, Arthur is making some real progress as an owner and hopefully his new coach/GM team will provide Falcon fans with the opportunity to at least forgive him for this past year down the road.

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