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Ryan as HC

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Vicious (1/15/2008)
1989fan (1/15/2008)
we couldnt do it. Singletary has assistant HC title as well, so he would have to become a HC to leave w/o permission.

Not exactly. He's the Asst HC Lb'ers coach. If we offer him Asst HC and DCO it would be an upgrade.

true, you are right. I wonder if he would do that though? I think he is starting to realize teams want some coordinator experience.

But do we want him for 1-2 seasons, just to have him leave as HC?

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geraldg (1/15/2008)
bigduke633 (1/15/2008)
All the singletary fans are looking a little left out right now.

Who are you a "fan" of? Try to offer some insightful commentary on occassion. Based on your comments, I doubt that you have any football knowledge.

I want billick.Simple,he could bring in a staff and has been to the mountain and came down with the hardware.We have had 2 rookie coaches in a row now we have a rookie gm.Do we need a rookie coach to go with him?No,get some experience and credibility.Billicks credibility is because he has done it as a coach.Singletary is a tony robbins motivational speaker.

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I didn't know Riveria was an option? I would like that, that or his brother. I don't think however theres much of a chance of Singletary coming here to be DC and I wouldnt want it either way. He has been targeted the past two years as a head coaching canidate we need to establish someone who will be around for a while.

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