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Mock Off-Season v.???


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What's up people, hope you're all doing well. So I decided to do another off-season so let's get this thing rolling! I have us picking 3rd in the draft just because something good has got to happen for the Falcons. I also have us receiving a 3rd round comp pick for Kerney.

Pre Draft:


Joe Horn

Byron Leftwich

Joey Harrington

Wayne Gandy

Brian Finneran

Warrick Dunn

Rod Coleman

Lewis Sanders

Contract Extensions / Resigns-

DeAngelo Hall

Michael Boley

Chris Crocker

Chauncey Davis

Chris Redman

Free Agents-

Bryant Johnson

Na'il Diggs

Randy Starks

2008 NFL Draft:

Round 1: Darren McFadden, HB, Arkansas - Seeing as how I have us picking 3rd in the draft and this is assuming McFadden is still available, I just can't see the FO passing on him. Darren will put people in the seats and give us a game breaker on almost every offensive snap and fill in the need of a workhorse running back.

Round 2: Michael Oher, LT, Ole' Miss. - With the sick depth at tackle in this draft I see Oher falling to us with our 1st pick in the 2nd round. Michael is going to be a stud for us for the next 10 years IMO. He will be rotating in at LT for about half the season with Weiner until he gets adjusted to the speed of the game and becomes the full time starter.

Round 2 (Hou): Pat Sims, DT, Auburn - Since the FO passed on Ellis in the 1st round they pick up another disruptive DT in Sims. He should be able to earn a starting sport along our D line if not he will receive plenty of playing time rotating in throughout the game. Will help improve our run D and our interior pass rush.

Round 3: Chad Henne, QB, Michigan - I really believe that Henne is going to be a very solid starter in this league, maybe even make a couple of pro bowls. He falls to us in the 3rd round because of some of the rising prospects such as Flacco. Henne will sit and learn the ropes and nuances of the game for a year or until the coaching staff feels he is ready to come in and prove himself.

Round 3 (Kerney Comp.): Titus Brown, DE, Mississippi State - We are lacking depth at the right end position and if Abraham goes down, so does our pass rush. Brown will be a developmental player who should receive plenty of playing time spelling John while learning the game at the same time. If things go well he could be a solid contributor and a starter once we part ways with Abraham.

Round 4: Chilo Rachal, RG, Southern Cal - I have seen this guys stock all over the place, as high as the late 2nd and as low as the 5th round so I have him here in the fourth. I have seen this guy play quite a bit and I think he is going to be a very solid starter in the league once he gets up to speed. Rachal plays with a mean streak and is looking to punish who ever is in front of him. Another rookie who may need a year or two to develop.

Round 5: Caleb Campbell, SS, Army - Some people may feel that this is early to take this guy but IMO he is going to open some eyes when he gets his chance. He has all the physical tools you look for as he stands at 6'2 and weighs in a 223lbs. Don't let his size fool you though, he runs a 4.48 40yd. He hits like a mac track and is as big as one to boot. Will get most of his playing time on special teams and perhaps in some certain packages.

Round 6: Brandon Coutu, K, Georgia - It's about time the FO deals with this the right way. Coutu has a booming leg and pretty good accuracy, should handle our kicking duties for a long time. 'Nuff said!

Round 7: Brian Witherspoon, KR/DB, Stillman - Witherspoon has elite timed speed and will probably be over looked due to the school he comes from and the level of competition he faces on a regular basis. Should come in and become our starting KR from day one, and with his speed he will provide a new spark to our special teams.

Depth Chart: Rookies Free Agents


LDE: Jamaal Anderson, Chauncey Davis

DT: Trey Lewis, Randy Starks

DT: Pat Sims, Jonathan Babineaux

RDE: John Abraham, Titus Brown

SLB: Michael Boley, Marcus Wilkins

MLB: Keith Brooking, Tony Taylor

WLB: Stephen Nicholas, Na'il Diggs

LCB: DeAngelo Hall, David Irons

RCB: Chris Houston, Brent Grimes, Brian Witherspoon

SS: Lawyer Milloy, Daren Stone, Caleb Campbell

FS: Jimmy Williams, Chris Crocker


WR-X: Roddy White, Michael Jenkins

LT: Michael Oher, Todd Weiner

LG: Justin Blalock, D'Anthony Batiste

C: Todd McClure, Doug Datish

RG: Kynan Forney, Chilo Rachal

RT: Tyson Clabo, Renardo Foster

TE: Alge Crumpler, Martrez Milner

WR-Z: Bryant Johnson, Laurent Robinson, Adam Jennings

QB: Chris Redman, Chad Henne, DJ Shockley

HB: Darren McFadden, Jerious Norwood, Jason Snelling

FB: Ovie Mughelli, Corey McIntyre

Special Teams-

KR: Jerious Norwood, Brian Witherspoon

PR: Brian Witherspoon, Adam Jennings

K: Brandon Coutu

P: Michael Koenen

Well there you have it people. As always, comments and feedback are welcome and wanted!

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As I just explained in my mock, I don't think we should take McFadden with the crazy good depth at running back. I mean, if under the worst circumstances, we can still get Choice in the 4th round. That's pretty good if you ask me. I love the Henne pick and he's definitely the quarterback I want from this draft. I don't know if Oher is going to be at that pick, but if he's not I think Baker will be.

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If McFadden was sitting there at #3 and we`re up, I`d either trade down to whomever wants him or select Sedrick Ellis, or whichever DLine is availiable.

Don`t get me wrong, McFadden is a heck of a player, but with the depth at the RB position in this years draft and a great chance of grabbing one in the 2nd or 3rd and way cheaper, sounds very good to me.

Overall, the draft is okay. Wouldn`t blow me away, but it`s alright.

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eurofalcon (1/15/2008)
Campbell won't be picked that high, if at all. He still has a 3-4 year military commitment to do before he can play in the NFL...unless he gets a waiver, which is unlikely.

I read somewhere that the Army has granted him permission to play, because they figure if he has some success in the NFL it will help their recruiting.

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