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That TO crying bit is funny


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I know that we like to laugh at TO but I feel him this time.

He put everything he had into the cowboys.

THis may be the first time it has truly ever been about the team for him and it really hurts when you care.

I cried when I lost my playoff game senior year!

I think it was sincere but people will always have negative things to say about someone who has a questionable past

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I think T.O. is finally starting to grow up honestally. The Man coulda made excusses and pointed fingers, but he showed some true emotion for a change and showed he felt bad about losing. I can respect that, I don't find another persons demise funny myself. I always look at others as "What if that were me, sometimes you don't choose the situation it chooses you and how you carry yourself afterwards determines how you move forward". Just my thoughts.

I wish the Falcons had him on the roster, but then again if they would have had him this last year he would have been on suicide watch with these QB's. Yeah I made a joke, sorry just a few thoughts. I can't help but laugh myself. No "Offense" meant by the Dallas Cowboys.

As for me "Think what you want, I didn't find it funny honestally, I really do feel sorry for the man because he honestally knows it might be his last chance to show how great a WR he is by winning a superbowl ring". But then again "HE IS NOT AN ATLANTA FALCON PLAYER, SO : HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Man, y'all crazy. Things like that need to be done in private. Dude needs to get a grip. If that came from someone else it would be one thing but for a guy that has thrown so many of his QB's and teammates under the bus with no class, that ish was a joke. Where the @#$% was all that "we lost as a team" when he was sh*tting all over McNabb? How about when he was calling Garcia "gay"? I bet those guys are wondering where this "caring, sensitive" T.O. was when he was hating on them. America truly does have a irratatingly short memory. Grow up? This fool is almost forty years old, he should have been grown up. Now that he's living like a rock star all up in the spotlight playing for the Cowboys, now he's a "team player". Get out of here with that. soon as things start going south in Dallas (like it will next year) and T.O. goes back to being the j*rk off he really is, we'll see how many of y'all stick of for that clown then...:doze:

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