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If we were to trade D-Hall, what could we get?

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what do you think we could get for D-Hall if we decided to trade him? he's a real good young corner, but we need as many draft picks as possible.

Dallas has #22 and another pick in the high 20's, In 2004 we picked Hall with the 8th overall pick. The draft value of the 2 cowboys picks is roughly 1500 and the 8th pick we picked D-Hall at is valued at 1400. i would do this, but i dont know if Dallas would.

If this were to happen we could have a draft like this...

1. Sendrick Ellis - DT

1. Rashard Mendenhall - RB

1. Andre Woodson - QB

2. Jerod Mayo - MLB

2. Anthony Collins - OT

3. Red Bryant - DT

3. Qunintin Demps - S

like i said i dont know if Dallas would trade both of their 1st rounders, i would even take a 1st and a 2nd from them. i just dont like how Hall was going to demand a trade if we hired a coach like Petrino. also i dont know what he's going to do after 2008, he's going to want to be the highest paid corner in the league. he's good....but not that good, i honestly would prefer to trade him and get the most we can.

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I don't think Dallas would do that. They might give up a a first and a third, or something like that.

Actually, I still don't think they would do that. They could pick up a corner like Aqib Talib, or McKelvin. I've seen several Mock drafts that have the Cowboys picking up a corner with one of their first picks.

D. Hall is a great talent, but his rep is a little tainted at the moment. That might prevent someone from going after him. I think if we could get a first round pick out of it, might be worth examining.

Or maybe we should just keep the punk and let him redeem himself.

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