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Mock Draft


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this is my first mock draft so i hope u guys like it...

1. Brian Brohm-QB-Louisville- i like him becuase of what he has done in college. also another pick is Matt Ryan-QB-BC- hes a burst on to the scene so i picked Brohm instead of him becuase im more familiar with Brohm.

2.Chris William-OT-Vandy-a bit of a reach but hes the 3-4 best OT so he should be here

2.Frank Okam-DT-Texas- he has a great size and fast and is very disruptive. we NEED A DT

3.Eric Young-OG-Tennessee- plays in SEC speed and great size and a great back up and soon to be the cornerstone of our RG

4.Tom Zbikowski-S-ND- love him...physical...and a great player.

5.D.J. Hall-WR-BAMA-another reach but with underclassman and better prospects i like our chances

6.Jacob Tamme-TE-Kentucky-fast big runs well and can catch

7.Art Carmody-K-Luisville-a GREAT kicker

7.Dexter Jackson-WR-App. St.- i like him as our returner...which was terrible this year woithout rossum

thanks for looking and plz tell me if u like it/or dont and y

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Your gonna get flamed for the QB in rd 1.....

Personally i like brohm, but not with the 3rd/5th pick, maybe if we trade down, to lets say 9 and get an extra second, then it would be great in my opinion

Our draft could look like this

1.Brohm franchise QB

2a.Chris Williams OT

2b.Pat Simms DT

2c.Jonathan Goff MLB

3.Anthony Collins OT

And thats just with the 1st 3 rds.

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Like The H.N.I.C. 2! stated, Brohm is probably a big reach with the 3rd to 5th overall pick.

I would be very very skeptical about Eric Young considering the seriousness of his

Quad injury. Art Carmody missed a 32 yard field goal in the Hula Bowl and hasn't

demonstrated the leg strength of some of the other kickers like Barth, Serna,

Reda, Mehlhaff, Coutu, and Douglass although he still shows up at top of many sites list

of draft eligible place kickers.

In what is arguably the deepest year ever for running backs, you didn't chose to select

one. I'd have to disagree strongly.

Overall, not really bad for a first attempt IMO.

Go Falcons!!!

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