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My Mock Draft

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I think we start off by trading D-Hall

Now don't get me wrong, i love Hall, and i think hes a great player, but its unlikely he will resign at the end of his contract. so i figure we trade him and get some value from him.

If we could get a top 25 pick for Hall i would take that.

1st Round- (Option 1 Jake Long OT) (Option 2 Sedrick Ellis or Glenn Dorsey DT)

1st Round-Jonathan Stewart RB

2nd Round-(Option 1 Dre Moore DT) (Option 2 Chris Williams OT)

2nd Round- QB....Flacco, Dixon etc.

3rd Round-Justin King CB

3rd Round- Marcus Griffin FS

4th Round- Ben Moffit MLB

5th, 6th and 7th- i say we get the best available kicker (preferably, Couto), best available KR/PR and a OG in any order

I'm not sure if hes available in FA, but i would love to try get our hands on Asomugha as a replacement for Hall

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if i remember correctly, hall was drafted 8th overall and has already been to two probowls. plus he's only 24. if we did trade him, i would want a helluva lot more that just a 1st rounder in the top 25.

i'm not quite sold on him not resigning here in atlanta. i honestly think he's waiting to see what coach we bring in here and see if we are actually going to turn the ship around. he has said repeatedly that he wants to stay in atlanta, he just doesn't want to lose anymore. if we can have a strong draft, and assemble a good top notch coaching staff we might still have a chance to keep him here.

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