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Alex Boone, LT, Ohio State - returning for Sr. season


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This was the guy I REALLY thought would be an elite LT from thsi class. He MIGHT have fallen to the early 2nd for us, but not now obviously.

It was a smart move for him, because he could probably go as the top OT with Clady declaring. Oher is really his big comptetition.

Oh well. There is still Long (i hope), Clady, Baker, Otah, Williams, Cherilus.

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everything I read said he was leaning towards entering.

Maybe he changed his mind once he saw others entering?

He would probably go as high this year as next I would think though. This year he has Long, Clady, Baker. Next season there will be Oher, Loadholt and I am sure another big name will surface as well.

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grendel (1/14/2008)
BillyWitchDoctor (1/14/2008)
Did Oher already say he was going to stay in school? Man, I really hope he declares and Loadholt as well.

Last thing I saw was that Oher was still considering. That was this weekend.

I hope he declares as well. I hope someone else takes him though. He could very very good, but IMO has a big bust factor.

Loadholt looks very good too, but another year of getting it done in college would probably be best for him.

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