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What the Falcons Can Learn from the Chargers...

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I was very impressed with the Chargers win. They showed that good personell, and depth at key positions can't beat one of the most prolific squads in the NFL.

With an injured TE, bench warming running backs and QB, they put brakes on the Colts, who had many of their starters in the game.

But the key was that offensive and defensive lines. Because of the battles they won in the trenches, particularly on the offensive site, They are going to the AFC Championship.

Birds, lets' invest in the O and D Lines FIRST. These players are smarter, more durable and lay the foundation for repeat year playoff berths!

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Even though Rivers didn't play the entire game, I thought he was probably the biggest part of that victory. He made some huge throws that I honestly didn't think that guy could make.

Also think that being off for a week may have hurt the colts in the long run. Yeah, they did get healthy, but they looked pretty rusty to me. Could have been that everyone on the field was laying the wood in that game however..

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David Ethan (1/13/2008)
..........and they can be found in later rounds, as well as being signed after the draft. If McFadden is on the board, you thank your lucky stars, then you spring to the podium

Uh, they took Marcus McNeil in the second (I think) and he's one of the anchors on that line.

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