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The excuses by the juniors who wont return for their senior season

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There seems to be a recurring theme in amongst the juniors that they just want to skip their senior seaosn and head for the NFL.

The reaosn is Michael Bush

he would have been a first round pick without doubt, then he got injuured and ended up a fourth round pick.

I have heard Felix Jones, and many others

Earl Bennet from Vanderbilt said the reason was

If I came back, there was always a risk that I could get injured,'' Bennett said. ``There were a lot of pluses and a lot of minuses. I couldn't go wrong with my decision whether I came back or whether I left.''

what do u think

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I look at it like this.

1. In a single contact, you could make enough money to retire as a young man.

2. Risk Injury or just have an average senior year.

3. Miss out on one more year in the NFL before your body breaks down

4. Become a restricted FA and an unrestricted FA, a year earlier.

5. Risk that a top unknown player suddenly comes out of nowhere and

diminishes a player's draft value.

I find it amusing that the millionaire college coaches who would leave a

school high and dry at the first opportunity, criticize players for pursuing

the NFL.

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